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Monday, 6 April 2009

things you keep

I bought a new jewellery box at the weekend and whilst swapping old to new I found a little cardboard box containing........

So a discussion took place as to whether or not I was a bit odd for keeping them....I was also told that there were 2 in a little pot on the kitchen windowsill (and who says men never notice anything!!).

I won't be getting rid of these I shall pop them in to the big boys memory box - as I told my husband "I made them!!" My body made those teeth, that chewed those first bits of bread, and bit their brothers faces (Alex!!). Also this note...I remember him coming out of school devastated aged 7...his tooth had got lost in the he sat down and wrote this note for the tooth fairy. Makes me a little sad that all that innocence has gone!! I have a friend who has the crinkled up rotted umbilicus that dropped off her newborn, so teeth don't seem quite so strange!! (for the record I would have kept the umbilicus too but was told NO WAY!!)


bex said...

im pretty sure that my mum has some of my teeth somewhere too....but not an umblilicus

Mandy said...

Teeth yes can totally understand that but umbilicus NO NO NO ! I have to say I draw the line at that
what lovely finds xx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

i have my eldest's first two teeth that came out and will do the same when my youngest loses his!! the umbilicus im thinking not :-D
that note is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shabby Chick said...

My Mum has a couple of me and my brother's teeth... one of my friends has kept the cord of one of hers in her jewellery box too, she knows I think it's disgusting!!! I have the clips from my two but that's as far as I'll go, lol.

Mel xxx

bekimarie said...

I've kept the childrens teeth along with little notes to and from the tooth fairy.
Enjoy half term.
Beki xxx

gingerwine said...

Thankyou for stopping by my blog!!

Sam xx

Lace hearts said...

Yep, I've got the teeth. Funny, I threw a few away recently, but kept one from each. I have a note like that as well - would never throw it. xxx

MaryPoppins said...

I have the umbilicus clamp and umbilicus

Though you probably knew that I would have it ;)

Need to hunt for teeth I always seem to put them in asafe place and then to loose them


MaryPoppins said...

Have DDs dried up umbilicus with the clamp only about a inch, and would have had DSs too though the SCBU nurses threw it away with one of his nappies, ohooo I was cross, and then remembered how lucky we were to have him so forgave them in about 30 seconds :)


charl said...

i have kept the dropped off bit of the babys cord..bleugh really when i think about it but i have wrapped it up in resembles more of a shreddie than anything else!!
cant wait to save the teeth to!!

saraeden said...

We have teeth too , i keep them in a little box that the boys bought me a few years ago !!

Sara x

Debbie said...

OMG have to confess I have the cord and clip for all of mine (bear in mind the eldest is now 27) and a four little film pots containing their milk teeth. Also a loft full of school work, photos and heaven knows what else. x