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Monday, 27 April 2009

a good idea.....

It seemed a good idea after the little chaps had been put to bed to get out the paintbrushes.....but my energy levels are not great after being up since 4!!
But - at least I'm achieving something!!
This manky ex- bathroom cabinet in a tasteful bottle green colour was won and collected by myself a few weeks ago. (for the princely sum of £3.20!!)

It has sat in a corner of my kitchen for the last *ahem* few weeks waiting to be painted. It will go in our new bedroom for perfume/aftershave so they don't have to be on show....except my LA perfume as the bottle has an atomiser on and it makes me smile :)

At 7.30pm it looked like this...the blue stripe was my tester paint - its too blue so won't be doing it that colour. Now it looks like this...primed and ready for me to decide what colour.......that could take some time but at least we are one step closer!!!

While the primer is out I am painting some thrifted picture frames and thinking about painting my new - long coveted - purchase.

This tabley/box thingummy (is it a sewing box?? who cares I like them!!) was outside a junk shop in town on Saturday...I had never really noticed the shop before, amazing considering its 2 doors away from my fave charity shop. I was walking so arranged to go back this morning to collect. I got it for £4....very pleased with that :).

I'm going to use it as a sewing box in my spare room where it will double as a bedside table. I know exactly what I am doing with this one, F&B dimity with a blackboard paint panel at the front - lined with CK wallpaper.

(It was being displayed with the lid up and when the shop man saw me looking he ran out of the shop to tell me 'its a table look - the hinge goes down!!' - really wow! I thought you just left the lid up ;0!! )

My doing mojo is slowly returning, maybe these stools could be finished and sold??

(not to mention the freecycled dresser sat in the playroom in all its dark brown glory lol!!)

I've been sewing a little...can't show you though as they are for my pay it forward gifts, and freestyle swap..also some good thrifting but ditto as thats for a forum swap!!

Decision made - no more painting tonight - I am such a lightweight!! I got some great chick lit from the CS at the I may fill my head with fluff (girls starts story having been dumped - girl changes career and moves to country - ex trys to come back but girl torn as has fallen in love with local vet/architect/doctor - girl lives happy ever after with vet/architect/doctor - the end!!! Or variation on this theme lol!!) Sometimes only chick lit will do :)


bekimarie said...

You are so right, there are times when it really does have to be chick lit!
Can't wait to see finished items. I saw a bathroom cabinet like that in a CS today, ummed and ahhed and come away without it...damn, don't you just hate it when you do that. Bet it's not there tomorrow!
Love the table/sewing box.
Have a good week
Beki xxx

Mary Poppins said...

I really do love that sewing box thingy and your lovely bathroom cabinet

I have so many things here that need the makeover job done on them so your post has got me inspired to get going on them :)

Ohooo yes you must have pretty perfume bottles on display ;)


Shabby Chick said...

Hi hun

Ahhhh so this is the green cabinet you mentioned! I'm sure you'll do a lovely job on it.

The sewing box is lovely and your plans for it sound perfect. Would you believe I have two of those in the loft? They belonged to my Mum's grandma and we used to use them as bedside tables. I would love to paint them but I think Mum would kill me!!! Perhaps I should ask?

Send some making mojo my way please!

Mel xxx

Goosey said...

Those look great, I love the corner cuboard, you could use it in any room really. Looking forward to seeing them finished.

Thecraftytrundler said...

Can't wait to see your transformations!! I hope to turn my spare bedroom (junk room!) into a sewing room soon. I would love to get old pieces of furniture, and transform them for the room.
I will be looking out to see your pieces for inspiration. I haven't got little ones any more, but energy, and inspiration can be lacking after children's bedtime!!
If you have a look at my new blog header, you will recognise something lovely!!!

Have a great week : )

Sharon xx

angel said...

Hurry up and get it all painted i wanna see pictures of lovelieness.:-)
I want your needlecase fingy, if you turn your back on it, i shall nick it off you, so be vigilant, very vigilant..... Mwahahahahaha

:-) Love and hugs honey Mwah XXXXX

second wind said...

Great makeovers in the making!Look forward to seeing finished beauties.x

Elaine said...

Hope you get sorted soon, you'll have lots of stuff to catch up with, including an award!!!


Kristy said...

It's a bit like mine. I took one of the side panels out an it hide all my junk in the kitchen!