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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Connection problems

I installed some new anti virus software on Monday and have given myself a whole lot of internet problems! So I cannot post (this is on my eldests laptop), can't comment on other blogs, or basically log in to most places. When I went on ebay it said it was the browser settings (but after a little look i'm beggared if I can work out what!!).
A while ago I read someones blog (whilst hopping and now can't find!!) they mentioned a website that would store all your bookmarked favourites, contacts etc so you still had them if you changed provider...does anyone have a clue??
So until sorted I won'tbe able to post properly, but I'm still reading - just not commenting xx

Pay it Forward update. I'll be posting out a little something to Mary at SewHotMitMot very soon. As Mary was the only person to take part from my post (I got in at the end I reckon!!), I decided to make another 2 somethings and randomly post to someone. So if I have your address (blog and/or forum friends!!) you could receive a bit of post :)


Thecraftytrundler said...

Computers - don't you just love 'em!! Good luck with getting it sorted out!

Sharon xx

Anonymous said...

Hope you get the computer sorted.

What about posting your query on Martin's MSE website in the Techie bit? Someone MUST know!

Shabby Chick said...

Gahhhh computers, I always have to get my husband to sort ours out! Sorry you've not your PIF from me yet, I haven't forgotten honest :)

Mel xxx

LittleGem said...

Hope it all gets sorted out soon Claire, fingers crossed X

mitmot said...

fingers crossed that you get it sorted out. will look out for the postman, but don't rush :-)

Elaine said...

Hope you get sorted soon Claire, wwwland just isn't the same with you.
Love and blessings

BlossomAndRoses said...


It's your partner for the swap :-) Just thought I would get in touch to say 'Hi' & to get some ideas.

Hope to hear from you soon..


Marianne said...

Hi Claire,
Much to my surprise I received a big envelop from the UK today. I didn't order anything, so I was very curious. I opened it and I found a wonderful magazine and a beautiful brooch.
Thank you very much. You sure made my day. I will keep the magazine for next weekend. It will be nice(r) wheater then and I will be able to sit outside, sip a coke and read the mag. Heaven!
Thank very very much.
PS I hope you will get the computer problem sorted out. I am curious which site it was, seems handy!

Sarah said...

Hi Claire
Just to let you know that I've got an award for you over at my blog if you want to grab it!