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Friday, 5 June 2009

Freestyle Swap

Hello....remember me?? I had a non planned bloggy break due to yet more tedious computer problems (2 new laptops both carking it after a very.short.time) anyhoos fingers crossed its 3rd time lucky and I'm back. I have a long list of 'things to blog about' so hopefully I will catch up soon. I have done quite a bit of crafting and received some fabulous swaps. The first one was from Debbie who was paired with me (lucky me x) for Silkie Sue's Freestyle Swap.
My parcel arrived one Saturday morningI waited til I was child free to enjoy opening my goodies.....

I absolutely love Debbie's cards that she makes (there are tons more examples on her blog)

She made me some fabulous things - beautiful bunting that has bead detail on. And a lovely heart with buttons.Now I did have a cafetiere cover on my list of planned projects (and we all know how quickly that would have got done lol!!!)
Don't have to now!! And I would never have made one as brill as this one:)
I now have a fab mobile phone charm too......(you knew my phone would be pink didn't you??!!!)

A fabulous family album...Debbie like me has been blessed with 4 boys and has used fab boy themed papers for my album. What a great use already....there is geography homework outstanding at the minute!!Currently on the bedside table for bedtime inspirational reading a gorgeous housey book.Thank You so much Debbie - I LOVE everything. And thanks to Sam for organising the swap.

I made Debbie a fabric house picture.....

and this fabric storage bucket with a union jack pocket on it.

(and more pics over on Country Heart and Home)

Back soon with more swap goodness :)


Lace hearts said...

What lovely goodie you got. I haven't taken part in a swap for ages, cos I haven't dared cos of time, and I miss doing them. Love the fabric union jack. xxx

Debbie said...

Youre more than welcome hun and i adore all the goodies i received :D

Elaine said...

Thoroughly spoilt Missus, thoroughly spoilt LOL
Beautiful goodies, enjoy them.

Love and blessings