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Monday, 14 September 2009

Crafty Corner

Finally we sanded and waxed the old school desk I won on ebay back in May - you may have gathered there is nothing rushed around here :)

I have wanted an old school desk for a long time. Specifically a double one. Last June, I missed out on a beautifully restored double desk that was local to me, when it went for £54.....I was on holiday and this was over my maximum bid.....not by much I have to say.....I did like it a lot...but what was I thinking!!
Since then I have had a saved search in ebay and nothing else came up that was local enough or nice enough. This one was not too far, and had a very low start price......because it was in a bad had been well loved by the ladies 3 children and was full of biro, paint and stickers.....Its not as old as I would have liked probably only 1980's but its a double desk and the eighties are vintage now anyway lol!!
I forgot to take before pics as the sanding was a kind of spur of the moment thing...but trust me it had been very well loved!!
So we gave it a go...we said if it didn't come up well we would paint it (something else on the 'to paint' list so I did cross my fingers!!) and, its not perfect but we are very pleased with it.......
add a shelf we had bought an age ago and forgot about (too small imo but it'll do!!)
a hanging rail and plastic cups from Ikea (also bought in May!!)
and voila - a crafty corner for 2 little boys.
Not bad for £5!!!!
I lined the insides with some polka dot wallpaper - badly as you can see!

And that is phase 1 of sort the playroom complete...phases 2, 3 and 4 to follow, mostly involving toy chucking so has to be done during a child free hour or two!!

The home organising is going well, the house still feels clean and tidy and I am finding just as much time for crafting too...

Speaking of which, another advent calendar update...

Pockets now hemmed at the top and positioned how I want them so just embellishing to do now then stitch them on, which will be done on the machine.I hemmed the pockets with a running stitch in metallic gold thread...its horrible thread to use so doubt I will be using it in the machine, the metallic fibres kind of separated from the thread, meaning I had to start again a few times..

This message was waiting for me when I walked through the dining room last night.....from my eldest son.....Are todays kids really so dense that they ask for permission to do all the things we did behind our parents backs...I'm waiting for the mum I love you can I go binge drinking message lol!!!

Much as I am pleased the blackboards are used for lovely messages and enjoyed getting all those kisses...I still said no!!!


bekimarie said...

The desk looks great but if 1980s is vintage, does that make us vintage too? lol!
Love the blackboard message, was that from my future sil? If it was, they'll make a great pair as Jess didn't want to go today either. Something to do with losing her tie and PE trainers (bloody £30 worth, could kill her). Luckily enough we found the tie and she had to take white daps in.
Don't you just love em!
Beki xxx

Serenata said...

Lovely message! The desk looks good, they are so useful we had one for our son when he was younger, unfortunately I got rid of it - silly me.

Anonymous said...

Love the message! The desk looks great - well done - those boys are lucky.

LissyLou said...

I really love school desks - your corner is looking great x

Sarah said...

Great message!! Love the desk - I've got a double one 2 but I kept it for myself and put ribbon, threads and the like in it. My two boys originally had their eye on it!
Have a great week!

Floss said...

Great message! I leave little messages on the blackboard to my two when I'm out - don't forget your homework etc! I think they'd love to get their own back with messages like that, but they haven't tried it yet!

Those desks look great. We 'inherited' a teacher's desk in our first flat (it was when I was training as a teacher, so presumably someone else had picked it up from a school they were placed in). It's probably '70s. You make me think I should do something with it, too! said...

The desk is a real find, my goodness the 1980's vintage already, gosh that makes me feel old! The message is adorable! Suzie. xxx

Isobel said...

Love the desk! Hubby is always talking about getting one of those. Oh and the cheeky not to you, me and hubby laughed our heads of! :)

Florence and Mary said...

Your double desks are fantastic.

We're looking for one at the moment for my nephews first bedroom in my brothers new home.

Victoria xx

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

The desk looks fab. The blackboard message is hilarious :) x