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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Happy New Year!!!

It seems that there are a lot of us who look upon September as being the start of the New Year. Its full of promises of that elusive thing called 'time' once the little treasures are back at school....
I sent 2 out of 4 boys back to school today.
A starts Year 10. GCSE's start this year. His carefully (aided by parents a little!!) chosen subjects will begin to be taught, he is very excited to be doing graphic design, not on the Year9 curriculum! We have had a chat about the importance of the next 2 years, thankfully all talk of joining the infantry has ended....and he knows that everything is riding on good results in the next 2 years.
(Nothing against the British Army, I have no problem with him joining the forces actually, but I do object to a straight A student going in the infantry to be sent to Afghanistan 16 weeks after signing the papers....)
W started Year 7 today. Now I know in most parts of the country he would be starting senior school but here in darkest Suffolk we still (for the next couple of years anyway) have the 3 tier - primary, middle and high - sysyem of schooling.
He has actually started a new school purely because he was going to an out of catchment school involving 20 miles of travel by car a day. The start times were going to clash with C's new school in January and we had also had several incidents in Year 6 ranging from petty to not so petty that the school totally mishandled. He chose to change schools, so the brave boy went off today as the only Year 7 newbie. I am a bit anxious and looking forward to 3.15.
He will be walking home with his big brother, another 1st for him. Its still out of catchment (my catchment middle is pants to say the least!!) but its walk/bike able!!
I still have C off kindergarten until Tuesday - I refused the school nursery place as his pre school is excellent, more flexible than school, and C is happy - he starts full time after Christmas (yes that was me jumping up and down with joy :)!!!)
So on Tuesday, with just my baby boy at home, my new year will begin.
I love September. Today is proper back to school weather...its windy, a little cold and a little bit rainy - real Autumn :) September means its nearly Christmas and I think we have determined how much I love that ;)
Floss has talked about New Years Resolutions on her blog today (she is having a giveaway over there too)
I have been making mine all through August!!
I shall become more organised.....this will include the making and purchasing of new storage to ensure everything has its own home, and people will be educated in keeping it in its new home!
This will also mean I will sort out the 2 drawers and 2 cupboards in the kitchen that contain all kinds of junk - one drawer is full of cut out recipes - these must be filed or thrown away!
I will utilise my time better. Making sure there is a fair balance of housework, laptop time, play with small children and sewing and crafting.
I will paint the dresser I got off freecycle 14 months ago. Once this is done I will sort out the eclectic mix of pretties I have and be ruthless and get rid of those that do not have a home...well at least put in a box in the loft anyway!!!
I will get all our cd's put on the ipod we bought in April...thinking A may like to earn some money doing this... then I can take the huge cd shelf off the dining room wall.
I will print out the photos on the computer, I think its sad that we have so few printed out to hold in our hands and look at.
I will make sure all the boys get a little quality 1:1 time with me. This will be the biggest challenge.

I think I may also make a list of house and crafting projects I want to do and try and see if writing them down helps them to get done!
I'm hoping I can stick to these resolutions...they are not rocket science and are probably things that a less slovenly housewife achieves all the time.
Here's hoping that by Christmas I have a house that is shipshape and a me that is contented....


Floss said...

Oh, thanks for all these resolutions - that's exactly where my head is at the moment too, as you have noted!

I am going to re-start a very useful book I picked up secondhand - I'd seen it on Jane's booklist over at 'Posy'. It's very '80s but still surprisingly helpful - 'Confessions of an Organised Home Maker'.

I started reading just before the summer hols, which are not anyone's Organised time, so now I need to put some of the ideas into practice. I wonder if it would be useful to you (she sure goes on about kitchen drawers!)?

It's lovely to hear about your 4 boys - my two are doing OK!

LoloDesigns said...

Love this post, it really rings true! I too am in 'spring cleaning' mode and have stuff on ebay and am doing a bootsale again at the weekend. All this stuff is stopping me from doing things so sell it off and use said funds to get more streamlined storage ;o)

That book that Floss mentions seems really good, might have to get it.

Off to write me a list of 'resolutions' out now. You both have inspired me! x

Elise said...

Hello, you have the most fabulously wonderful site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are beautifully written, creative and original too, and you have interesting pictures.

It's all perfect !

Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes.... 'Happy September'....

Serenata said...

Such a good idea and one I have been thinking about the last few days as well. Must pop over to Floss's blog and check that out as well.

Hope all goes well with the new schools. My younger son goes back tomorrow. :-) Very big smile!

Kirsty said...

I love September too. Getting back to new routines and having some respite from all the kids playing on the street too.

Agree with Floss, lovely to hear about your (not so) littlies :O) said...

What a heavenly post. Thank you! Suzie. xxx

Florence and Mary said...

I think of Sept as new year!

Victoria xx