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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

the end of the month

Thank You to everyone who has offered to help me in my quest to find the little boys Christmas pressie... I am still a hunting and hopeful ebay will come up with the goods before long!!

I really haven't had the greatest of weeks, lack of sleep and discovering the baby has more food allergies than we first thought means I'm feeling really sorry for I'm sulking and eating too much, not the best idea when I want to lose a stone before my 'honeymoon' in NY in just a few weeks...about 6 I think?? (I've been preoccupied with Christmas forgetting our trip comes first).
Anyway I won't focus on the crap.....I have a few pics of what I have been up to......
tidying the workroom.....the shelves and drawers anyway, the fabric cupboard will have to wait.....
machine sewing the advent calendar...not quite there but it will be done before Christmas I have shocked myself!!!
Making and gathering some pretties for a charity auction for KIN over at SCC.
Winning a charity auction for KIN (lovingly put together by Mary Poppins) - oh what a delight this parcel was this morning..I wish you could smell it :) Mary's lavender smells more lavendery than mine!!!

Lovely fabrics for me to make lovelies with - my fave Cowboys (Mary also gave me some cowboy ribbon - will be treasured x) and my new fave green paisley.
lovely vintage postcards....need a changearound on my holders I think....
Thank You for a gorgeous and generous lot of pretties. xx
A bit of retail therapy, new boots, a new dress, a couple of cardies (although its been really hot here and so my new autumn winter wardrobe hasn't had much of an outing yet!!).
And this
lovely beach hut - lovingly and expertly made by elaine...who can be found here.....very fitting for my seaside home :)
I have done another swap....Lesley sent me some fab crocheted flowers that I wanted for a project...and I can not crochet :( - lucky for me Lesley can....she has blogged here about the swap.
(I also got a fab crochet brooch that I photographed then deleted somehow....)

I have received the latest Cath catalogue...yes another!!...and have started making my Christmas list lol!!!

love this jumper and as my hair is the same colour I know it will suit me lol!! The £75 price tag exceeds my what I will pay for a jumper limit though!!!!
still love this dress carrier -
and really love the london charm bracelet...I love the cowboy one too......
Also I was thrilled to hear that the new Sew! book will be out at the beginning of October rather than the end...mine has been on pre order and Amazon tell me it is due to despatch on the 2nd...however I have heard that someone (you know who you are....) has got hers's hoping mine comes tomorrow!!!

Back soon with a WIP and to do list...have decided its the only way i'll get anything finished!!!


Mary Poppins said...

What a pretty post, you are very welcome to your little pretties and thanks for helping KIN :)

Your calender is looking marvellous, well done you little munchkin :)

Ohooo yes there are some CK CB stickers, a little pricey at £30 squidgens ;)

Have fun


MelMel said...


My my such a lot to look at!
I'm sorry that things are tricky for you....hope they pan out soon..x

Mary is a kind to share that lovely CK fabric!

I'm sat here watching the Darling buds of may...CK book in hand making two listd one for York at the end of OCT and one for Christmas....oh the fun!

Hope Santa is good to you this tear, you have picked out some super pretties!xxxx

Tabiboo said...

I'm sorry about the yucky stuff - I do hope things ease up a little soon.

Such lovely bits and bobs and I can imagine the smell of lavender.

Allergies are the pits. My youngest was diagnosed being allergic to almost everything from a very early age, but she is almost two now and apart from egg can tolerate a little of something most days. It is tough though - I know.

take care,

Nina x said...

Sad to hear you are a bit down in the dumps, but if your book arrives tomorrow it will cheer you up a bit. Your advent calendar looks jolly good! Suzie. x

Floss said...

Loads of great things - thanks for sharing! My allergic-nephew was a real struggle for his mum at first, but I hope you'll be encouraged to hear that he and she adapted very quickly and now, at 11, he is almost clear of all allergies. I'll be thinking of you all...

Your advent calendar could be the star of my advent-blog-thingy, if I get it organised! Can I contact you when I get it set up, please?

Pixiedust said...

Love the pic of your workroom it looks lovely. What lovely goodies you've got this week too. xxxx

Serenata said...

What a lovely lot of pretties and some really gorgeous swaps.

I can echo what others have said and hopefully your son will eventually grow out of his allergies like ours have done. It is not easy though and so I can feel for your struggles at the moment.

Mary Poppins said...

Hugs for R and you too :)


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

what a lot of things to look at my favourite kind of blog post :-) glad you liked the flowers and looks like you had some lovely things from Mary and the beach hut is fab as well :-)
Poor little R what a trouper to put up with allergies and stuff at his young age :-( my small boy has lactose intolerance which causes his excema which is bad enough but various food allergies must be hard to deal with so sending hugs :-)
Lesley x

mitmot said...

its me :-) the book is worth the wait honest!

LissyLou said...

well done for winning - all though i am jealous, i wanted the goodies ;)

Florence and Mary said...

Its so funny how many of us blogging gals have received our CK catalogues and are making a start on our christmas lists!

Victoria xx