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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Back to Life

So we are back.
I am totally in love with New York.....may have to restrict my unnecessary purchases next year so I can save up for another trip quicker.

NY was everything I had hoped it would be. We had a great, busy and very tiring time.....we walked miles and miles, and I have learnt that Ugg boots do not provide adequate foot support if you are walking more than half a day!!! Next time I will wear proper shoes.
We did all the usual touristy things, used the metro, ate VERY well indeed in some very lovely places, celebrated a birthday. Found this shop. Relaxed.
The shopping was underwhelming to be honest. Having been told NYC was THE place to shop, I wonder if its just me!!! We didn't go to shop, but the places we did visit, I can't say anything was any different or any cheaper to anything I could get through careful shopping in the UK.
I have some lovelies to show and tell , of course I did some shopping!!!) but whilst I get my head round the unpacking and washing, I'll bore you to tears with my snapshots!!!

I haven't actually sorted through the pics yet and edited or deleted so these are a bit random but anyway....enough of that.....I'll go and take pics of the fabric I bought....much more interesting!!!


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

It does look like you had a great time! Would love to see more photos! That shop does look like the type I'd be happy looking around in for hours! Interesting website.

Isabelle x

Anonymous said...

Tell us more about the last photo.

Glad you had such a great time.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fuuuuuun!!

LoloDesigns said...

Glad you had a lovely time. I've been to Boston where my family live but never NYC. Can't wait to see fabric you got! x

jo said...

So glad you enjoyed yourself Claire. Looking forward to seeing what fabric you got.

Jo xx

Floss said...

Welcome home! It sounds like a marvelous trip. I'm interested in what you said about the prices - you referred to 'careful shopping at home' which may make all the difference! Perhaps the people who admire the prices so much are comparing highstreet to highstreet. My sister bought her wedding dress there and was very happy with the variety and prices compared to London.

Now that you're back, can I ask you to share something interesting with us for Advent? I remember you mentioned your Advent Calendar, and I'm getting together a group to post something (anything) about Advent ever Sunday/Monday. I'll post the vague parameters and a logo for it on Sunday, and it would be great if you have something to add.

Sarah said...

Sounds great. I haven't been for years. Looking forward to seeing your purchases!

Bagladee said...

YEY, I love New York....looks like you had a fab time! We were there when it was $2 to £1 so we thought the shopping was a steal. Still an amazing place to visit. I'd move there tomorrow if I could. xx

VintageVicki said...

Looks like a good trip.

Yep Uggs are no good for loads of walking - mine make my legs ache so much :(

Want to see pics of what you bought :)

Florence and Mary said...

Great photos of NYC... there's a few bloggers doing the NY trip at the moment and I'm resembling Shrek I'm so green with envy... next year though!

Sorry you found the shopping underwhelming... if only I did, I seem to spend a fortune and come home with 2 cases packed full of goodies for friends and family although I do confess in the past I've had the luxury of a fantastic exchange rate.

I hope we see more photos from your trip and hear more the purchases you did make!

Victoria xx

made with love said...

Ok I am VERY jealous . Those piccies look fab. I am looking forward to seeing your fabric.
Rachael. XX

maypole said...

great pics BM3 look forward to more please. I am agreat believer in sensible shoes!

LissyLou said...

Glad you had a great time. I got back yesterday. I have to say i agree with you about the shopping - The city felt very much like London to me and i have to say that everything was alot smaller than i thought it would be. Still had a great time though, but am very tired now.....and poor poor feet!!!