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Friday, 20 November 2009

paper bag swap

I was nervous about this swap after signing up...actually having to take the scissors to somebody elses fabric *yikes*!!!
But I got over it lol...and what I made for Rachel can be seen on her post here.

Yesterday I had another parcel opening session - complete with sighs and oohs and ahs again!!
lots of parcels to opening, very exciting!!
Rachel is a very talented crafter, and I did do some little screams when I opened!!!
I love this patchwork stitchery that I am going to wall mount, and I will be following Rachel's advice hehehe!!
I love the addition of the recipe card and am thinking this is an idea I may adopt, its a great idea to pass on recipes and can't wait to give this choccy brownie recipe a go!! (love the card with the good enough to eat pic on too!!)

Now I embarrassed myself with this beautiful patchwork item...when I opened it I placed it around my neck..and thought what a lovely scarf....then I thought..hmm actually I think its a placed on my bedroom chest (thinking all the time that it would look lovely on my newly painted dresser...when its done....)

So I email Rachel and say thank you...and guess what!!! Rachel meant it as a scarf *blush* but has graciously told me I can use as I like!! (probably thinking what a numpty lol!!!)

Its gorgeous and if I use as a scarf it will crease!! On my dresser it won't and I can stroke it as I walk by...but if I use it as a scarf I can look at it all the time...hmm decisions!!!!

Some Christmas lovliness, wooden candle holder and a cute robin decoration...Rachel's stitching is perfect.....This pretty brooch is on my pink cardigan already...jellybeans are in my tummy :)

And a fab pincushion sitting next to some bath fizzers that smell of sweeties - yum :)

Thank You so much Rachel, for my fabulous makes and for organising the paper bag swap. Its been fun..once the worry passed, I enjoyed making for somebody with their choice of fabric.

Hoping for a bit of sun tomorrow so I can take pics of my purl purchases....also hoping for some time to use some!!!

The countdown to Christmas starts here for me...I plan to do some wrapping this weekend...I'm usually done by now...and I want to put the boys advent calendar together with chocs and activities.....not many sleeps now!!!


LittleGem said...

oooh oooh oooh I love it all - that stitchery is beautiful - so neat!! I wish I was that clever! I think you should use it as a scarf in winter, and a runner in the summer :D
Hurry up with those purl photos pleeeeeease xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Great swap!

Have a great weekend

Victoria xx said...

What a lovely swap! happy weekend to you! suzie. xxx

Rachel said...

So pleased you like it all, especially the scarf, er, runner, er "scunner"? ;) I think Little Gem has the right idea - multi purpose!! Have a great weekend!
R x

Sarah said...

How fantastic - those goodies are so lovely!

made with love said...

Now that was a lovely swap. Hope you are having a great weekend.
Rachael XX

Floss said...

What you both made is absolutely lovely, and so varied too.

You've reminded me that I need to get the FT chocs ready for our Advent Calendar!

I've done the logo for The Pause in Advent thingy and have it on a post today, if you'd like to pick it up...

Felicity said...

ooh youve got some lovely swap iotmes there! fliss xx

clare's craftroom said...

How lovely, all of it!

Connie said...

Can't choose between them, what a lovely swop