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Thursday, 5 November 2009


I asked Paula over at Lajoni's Place if she would make me something special and personal for my baby boy.....I am yet to find anything with his name on in the shops!!
I had no idea what she was going to paint for me...I trusted that it would be fabulous after seeing her other work and I only chose the shape of the heart and told her that Reuben liked trains!!!

Isn't it gorgeous???

A proper train not a cartoony Thomas style one!!! The colours are perfect for his room - green and blue, not sure if I told Paula his bedroom colours....if I didn't she really is a genius!!!

On the back.........

wise words......

The heart is currently on the dining table being looked at and ooh'd and ah'd over by anyone who comes in, but will be hung in the boys room at the weekend.

For your can pop here and sweet talk Paula :)

Today is going to be a bit of a catch up day....I have my house back today..more importantly my spare room so I can sew....I am hoping that lovely husband will take pity on the fact I haven't sewed for more than a week and allow me to sew all weekend.......

Only 5 more sleeps until NYC...I have been getting excited with the help of lovely people giving me advice on what to see and do whilst there...thank you all!! (especially you Ellie xxxxx)

I know I am going to miss the boys like mad but shan't let that stop my enjoyment of watching the in flight movies without interruption by a small child...or of sleeping until I wake up - ah bliss!!!

So I am pausing the Christmas preparations til I am back...well mostly after failing to source bakers twine locally, I have purchased some off ebay....its really lovely quality very thick and will tie up brown paper parcels a treat....the seller can be found here.

I have also found an excellent ebay seller of ribbon, I had a late night clicky session (as you do) and now have some lovely ribbon, pale blue tartan, red gingham and pale gold for tying up christmas parcels...haven't taken pics yet but the seller is here in case anyone is interested xxxx

Hopefully I'll post at the weekend...I have a new item for my blogshop...a Christmas Stocking being sold for charity.........back soon xxxx


bekimarie said...

I saw the heart on Paulas blog last night and put an order in straight away.
I've already commissioned her to do some of her gorgeous hangy coasters for my Angel babies.
Thanks for the tip on the string, I was led in bed last night wondering where I could get some from.
Beki xxx

Floss said...

That is a very special heart. Mt brother in law's middle name is Reuben, and it's what his dad has always affectionately called him.

I also enjoyed looking at your IKEA post - those tins are fantastic! We had a leisurely meal last night - just the two boys and me. We started browsing through magazines at the table (I know, shocking) and I was torn between IKEA with Son 2 and Crafts with Son 1. I tried to focus on the crafts as I'm doing the Utmost Challenge, so no IKEA for me this year!

LissyLou said...

that heart is lovely!

Devon Dumpling said...

How lovely.....Paula is very talented!
I really hope that you enjoy NYC. I have been there twice and actually got engaged in Central Park!
For a cheap boat trip I would say go on the Statton Island ferry (free) because you get super views of lower Manhattan and it makes for some super photos!
If you want something tacky, then head for Coney Island (more of a summer thing, I admit, but you can take a piccie standing next to the fake palm trees; super tacky)!
Central Park is always beautiful to walk around and each part is very different, although it is a long walk from top to bottom!
Foodwise, anywhere in Little Italy is good from my experience, for a really good steak, head to Gallagher's on West 52nd Street, not cheap but totally worth it and for Chinese food, head to Canton Garden on Elizabeth Street (proper Chinese food, not fancy, where all the locals go so it must be good)!
Funny story, we went in the Chinese and I was the only white person in there, they spoke to me in English and my husband in Cantonese and even though he kept replying in English, they kept talking in Cantonese! It gets worse, our food came out and they presented my husband with chopsticks and then made a bug effort to present me with my fork and spoon!!!!!!!!!!! I had to ask for my chopsticks! But seriously, the food is great and cheap!
Any other suggestions wanted, please leave a comment on my blog x

Florence and Mary said...

How exciting about NY! Do let me know if you want any more tips or tricks whilst you're out there.

Victoria xx

angel said...

Dolly dolly dolly, i would have made you one much bettererererer than that one, if only you had asked... ner mind next time maybe.;)

Must admit Laj has done a pretty good job of it..*titter*

Hope you have the bestest time in NYC..... mingin place...... :-)

Loads of love and hugs honey.

Lalabibaby said...

That is gorgeous .... Laj is so talented x

Sarah said...

It's so lovely and very suitable for a boy. Very much like your special candy cane string. Will look very festive indeed. And did you say red gingham fabric by any chance?!!

Lajoni said...

Relived you like it Claire...I know as a mum to a 'Nico' how difficult or impossible it is to find ready named items.
I really hope you have a fantabulous time as you deserve it so so much....can't wait to hear about it all and see all the photo evidence mwah xxxxx said...

The heart is beautiful! suzie. x

Mrs Crafty said...

Nice Heart and I really love the butchers twine too!!!