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Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Whilst we were away my lovely husband celebrated his birthday. We marked the occasion by having a leisurely breakfast where nobody spilt anything, then catching the metro to catch the Staten Island Ferry. This would provide us with a marvellous...and free..view of the Statue of Liberty. It was cold, and windy, and wet ...and lovely husband was underwhelmed by her size!!!( I quote...hmmm thought it would be bigger!!!!) But it was lovely. Even lovlier was that after we had got off the ferry, back on, then off again in Manhatten, we caught the metro once more up to SoHo, heading for Sullivan Street. Here. I'll spare you the lousy map reading tales and the walking round in circles ones too and get onto the fabric I bought for myself. Whilst lovely husband stood like a spare part!! Not many men would be prepared to do this for their wives on their birthday lol!!!

It was my turn to be underwhelmed....whilst the little shop was full of beautiful quilting fabrics...there was nothing there apart from a couple of designs that blew me away.

Now in the shops defence, I am most certainly not a quilter and have an untrained eye, but I was just expecting some more 'wow' factor lots of them on this site.

The staff were friendly..left me alone to dither whilst being there to help...and the prices were good. We pay a lot of money for quilting fabric in the UK!! Most of the fabrics were about $9 a yard so half a yard cost the same as a FQ over here.

These photo's were taken in my bay idea why the light is so awful.

From the left the 1st 2 are Aunt Grace Classics - I love the blue and satsuma orange together.
The middle 3 are Aunt Grace Authentics - these will be turned into a hexy patchwork lap quilt...

The next 3 are Amy Butler - from her new Love range.

I also got a yard of this Alexander Henry nursery print...well it said nursery to me...I will save this for making new baby gifts.

Apart from the authentics, I bought because I liked, with no project in mind, which is why my haul is quite restrained. I had no projects in mind and as I said before nothing else totally bowled me if I'd have found other fabric shops the story could be very different!! Next time we go I shall research fabric shops with more care!!


bekimarie said...

Gorgeous gorgeous fabrics, exquisite taste my dear. Now I wonder if Oh will mind if I pop over there ;) xxx

Anonymous said...

What lovely choices you made ... well done!

Glad you had such a great timexxx

Rachel said...

Such a shame that you found the shop disappointing though. I had always imagined that it would be a fabric buyers paradise, but perhaps not. Still, at least you did get some lovely fabrics - I especially love the little birdies!
R xx

Serenata said...

You still managed to find some wonderful fabrics! Glad you had a lovely time, great photos.

Elaine said...

Absolutely blummin gawjus fabrics !!!!
FQS does take some beating for choice but you have a lovely selection there, love the Aunt Grace ones.

Love and blessings

Florence and Mary said...

I was underwhelmed by the size of the Statue of Libery too! Isn't the Staten Island Ferry the best way to see it though.

Victoria xx