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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Happy New Year

Well I have had a lovely Christmas holiday. Perfect.
Or more correctly imperfectly perfect!!!!
(I'll spare you the vomit, snot, nut allergy and christmas pudding no show stories!!)

We have had a fabulous Christmas, spent with family. As my mum is now living locally, my brother stayed with her, so we had no house guests...I think this made ours a stress free Christmas. I love having a house full of guests, but somehow the fact that we said goodnight (late some nights) kept it a pleasure....maybe its the fact we had our own space, who knows?? Christmas 2009 was the best one we have had in our 10 year relationship. We are really fortunate that both sets of parents get along..maybe this is normal in the real world, but my ex's mother wouldn't be in the same room as my family so this time round both mum and I appreciate the relationship between the families a lot.
So we shared meals and card games, competed against each other at the local bowling alley (I was rubbish as per!!), drank too much and ate waaa-yy too much.
The one thing we are all agreed on, well I say all, the inlaws were a bit quiet about it, next year we will not be having a turkey Christmas dinner. It is so time consuming. We can have a roast any day of the year. Mum and I really didn't want to eat much after 2 days preparing 8 billion different veg etc, so Christmas 2010 will be celebrated with a pot luck curry dinner!! And if the boys want pizza - they can have it.
The important part is everyone around the you heard it here first!!
Father Christmas really spoiled us all.
We all got some fabulous gifts...
from my wonderful teenage son who says he enjoyed the Cath shop!!

From my friend - its a jug cover, but I don't have a skinny enough jug at the minute!!
(she got it from I believe)
The tracked down market stall was very well received.
My mum always does me a stocking of 'bits', this year she did me a trug of bits.
I got tons of goodies off my wish list too. I take back all I said to my sis in law about lovely husband being rubbish at gift buying lol!! I got a lovely new watch, perfectly me that he bought with no guidance!!

I didn't intend to stay away from blogland for so long , but I barely switched on the laptop. So all my internet 'committments' have been neglected!! I have to admit I did have to think twice about returning, I have read several books over the holidays, including 2 new books to inspire me for Christmas 2010, sat and leisurely chatted with my husband and boys, started a new sewing project.
I know I haven't been the only one having a virtual crisis...I read in the Daily Mail that Lily Allen has given up Twitter, FB etc (The only thing me and the lovely Lily have in common..although if I was 2 dress sizes smaller and had a flat stomach I would share her love of quirky fashion too!!)
I don't actually agree with the end bit. Surely giving up totally is not the only way to get 'real life' back. And isn't the internet part of real life anyway?? I agree my online life can occasionally get a bit too much, not an addiction per se but definately an annoying regular habit!! (Just one more check on Facebook before I log more look at blogs... I know I'm not alone!!!)

Anyway, as I can't imagine not blogging at all I have decided to make it a New Years Resolution to get the balance less tedious long posts and more quick update type's are planned, less facebook too (it annoys me anyway, but find myself drawn!!!). And a promise to myself - for housework's sake - that I'll have 2 or 3 laptop free days too!!

I also plan to keep my Christmas relaxed attitude about things, if it doesn't get done, it doesn't matter.

I do still plan on making a list of things I want to achieve this year. Crafty things mainly. But a no pressure kind of list. With no time limits. Although it would be nice to get a Christmas table runner completed before December 25th this year!! The list is in progress - getting longer through reading one of my Christmas gifts!!
So New Year, Fresh Start. Today is the last day I will have 2 preschoolers at home. The big boys went back today and C starts fulltime school tomorrow. He is ready but I'm not. And I am not relishing having to be up dressed and out of the house for 8.20 each day. I have had a very relaxed life since W started a new school that he takes himnself to last September!!

The tree is at the recycling centre, very sad about that...the house looks desperate for a good clean, but I have my priorities right and have put up the new bunting that Beki made me lol!!!
Still undecided if it will stay in the bay...I pass a house on the way to my friends, that has bunting up in the bay window and I have gone from, hmm I wouldn't put it there, to, hmm actually I quite like it!!! So naff or not??


TheMadHouse said...

Gald you had a great Chritmas. Oh and I got meet me at Mikes too!!!

Somedays I tweet and somnedays I dont. I am trying less PC time this year.

Oh and I feel your pain tomorrowm it is so hard when they go full time. Mini will do it in September arhhhhh

MelMel said...

Lovinv the bunting, not naff at all, but spring like(hhmmm with all the snow?) I think....very pretty!
I'm struggling for laptop free days too, so going to really put my foot down about it!

Happy NY!xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I love the Meet me at mikes book. It's wonderful isn't it?

Happy new year 2010!

LittleGem said...

Not naff at all, looks very Spring-like :) glad you had a lovely Xmas and you got some lovely goodies. I just have to do my blogpost now...hmm its hard getting back into it isnt it! xx

Isobel said...

Love the bunting!
I try to have a couple of days away from the laptop too. Things can get really hectic when I spend too much time online.
Happy 2010!

Rachel said...

Happy new year! I'm glad you did decide to come back, I for one would have missed you, although I know exactly what you mean about computer addiction, I dread to think of how many hours I have spent surfing blogland! I ought to try your idea of having 2 or 3 days away from the laptop, although not sure I'll be able to manage it, but I'd probably get a heck of a lot more done! Love your little hexes and the bunting looks fab - bunting is on my to-do list too!
Rachel xx
PS. Oh, and isn't it so lovely when the parents all get on? Ours all get on really well, and have even been on a coach holiday together!!

bekimarie said...

I think the bunting looks great, sorry did you mean how it looked in the window 'hehe'.
Really pleased to see it up actually, you often wonder if the swaps you send will be used. You can take it down now you've shown a piccie lol.
Love the idea for this years Christmas lunch, don't think my OH would agree to it though :(.
Happy New Year hunni, hope it's a good one for you and yours
Beki xxx

Serenata said...

Glad all went well at Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you!

Looks like you got some lovely pressies.

Lovely bunting. After making some Christmas crochet bunting, I want to make some more for other times of the year. :-)

LissyLou said...

Happy New year!!

glad your little one loved his market stall!!! xx

Elaine said...

Lovely post Claire, bunting is fab though I might be with your out-laws on the turkey issue LOL
Bro bought a huge thing this year, most went in the bin, I prefered 2008 when we had turkey, duck and beef, mmmmmmmmm

Have a great 2010
Love and blessings

hello gorgeous said...

Hey lovely, gorgeous post! Sounds like you had a fab time all round.

Understand exactly re fb, twitter, blogging etc, etc.... :oO it can be REALLY difficult dragging yourself!

Look forward to visiting you through 2010!

Happy New Year, hope 2010 fulfills all your dreams! ;o)

hello gorgeous xxx

maypole said...

Sounds and looks like a lovely christmas. I agree it's having everyone around the table and not what you eat. True enough, although I love a roast, it isn't the special meal it used to be when I were a lass! it's available all the time to people now.

Anonymous said...