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Thursday, 7 January 2010

snow day

Well the white stuff finally landed on the east coast - whilst the rest of the UK have been snowed in we haven't even had a flake. But today we woke up to about an inch and a half!!
School was still open for W, who set off early to cycle there, and for C whose first day was yesterday, so was raring to go...
A's high school had a boiler failure and I was texted just after I had dragged him out of bed and into the shower - mwah ha ha!!
I decided to walk to the supermarket after dropping off C, about a 3 mile round trip, hard work in the snow - very hard work!!!
I felt like I had had a great gym work out and promptly spoiled it by eating 2 massive bits of cake :(
Diet starts next week..................

So I spent the rest of the day cutting out pics from the pile of magazines in the hallway ready to put in scrapbooks.

This is a picture of ordered piles of cuttings..I have a plan!

This year I plan on being a lot thriftier than I was last year. That means not renewing my magazine subscriptions for starters. As a disclaimer I may subscribe to 1 housey mag later in the year but will use my Tesco clubcard vouchers......

To be honest this decision is not driven by thriftiness totally! I am fed up of Country Living, and I only enjoy 1 copy of Country Homes every now and then so the subscriptions aren't that much of a chore to surrender!!I had lots of other magazines last year on cheapy trial subscriptions..3 for £3 for example and I bought magazines that I saw in the newsagent so the pile is rather high to sort through.

(this lot plus the same again need chopping through!!)

The plan?

I shall make my own house porn/inspiration books...I will buy some cheap A4 hardback books, cover them with pretty wallpaper or fabric and get sticking.

I have started a Christmas one...and I plan to have a house 1 (or 2) and one for crafty tutorials and inspiration for new makes. Oh and 1 for recipes that I cut out of magazines too!!

But it won't be a complete magazine drought here.

I got Cosmo on subscription for Christmas from my sis in law (and bro). It was a real blast from the past to read in the bath on Monday frivolous!! I haven't read since I was twenty something!!!

So I'll still get the pleasure of a mag coming through the door.And by signing up for Floss's no frills magazine swap (click on the button on my sidebar if you fancy it...)

As its my New Years resolution to not put pressure on myself with deadlines...I can't say how soon my books will be done!!!


Kate said...

Hi there
how strange that was exactly what I was doing today, I bought some of those plastic wallet things that go in A4 files for the patterns and recipes, and sticking all the pretties in books, trouble is I'll probably never look at them again, oh well it's fun to do.
Take care

LittleGem said...

Looking forward to seeing those books Claire!! I have one scrap book filled with mish mash of stuff, I like looking at it, but haven't added to it for ages because I just haven't bought any new housey mags! I hate that you pay nearly £4 and there will maybe be one or two articles that you are actually interested in! I have added photos from blogs though, as there are some gorgeous homes out there! X

Florence and Mary said...

I've posted about the same thing today!! I had an overflowing clippings pile and I was ruthless going through those craft tutorials I'm never going to get round to or another recipe for Victoria Sponge!!

Great minds!

Victoria xx

coco rose said...

I have big files full of scrap torn out magazine papers. I am finding actually that more and more 'home' magazines are unfulfilling...and expensive...and can get better inspiration for house ideas from flickr and other peoples blogs! Have a lovely weekend! xxx

VintageVicki said...

Bet you've got a bit more snow this morning?

I need to sort my magazines out - since I've discovered blogland I've cut right down on them. Only get CL on subscription now and hardly ever buy other (except @ Christmas).

Vicki xx

hello gorgeous said...

Fabulous idea, also frees upmore mular for craftiness! ;o)

hello gorgeous xxx

dottydaisies said...

what a good idea may have to get snipping myself x

Serenata said...

I've been thinking about doing this for ages, but that is as far as I've got so far...thinking about it!

Perhaps I'll make a start today after I've been for a walk down the road - I can make myself a hot chocolate and sit down in front of the fire with a pile of mags and a pair of scissors! said...

It is a great idea to make books with your favourite clippings. What inspiration! suzie. xxx

made with love said...

what a great idea and I love your resolution. I think we could all benefit from that one.
Hope you are managing to stay warm.
Rachael XX

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I love making scrap books. I have to get going on chopping my mags up before we move, there is no way I'm hawking them with me!

Enjoy the snow, stay safe.

BlossomAndRoses said...

Hi Claire,

I must have spent hours over Christmas tearing out pages from a never ending pile of magazines. I'm sure my other half thinks I'm insane!!

All us magazine hoarders should all do a grand "ta da" in 6 months time to show them off! What do you think??

Natasha x