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Sunday, 31 January 2010

a helping hand

As well as the fabulous fabric squares I received from Mary, I have been very lucky this week to have 2 more parcels in the post with a helping hand for my hexy quilt.
2 more fabric stashes for me to be envious of!!

Thank You Beki xxxxx the squares are ready to be turned into a hex and some of yours can also be seen in the string patches I blogged about yesterday!!

Thank You Mary P xxxxx I will be chopping squares later and also some string strips too.

So with the help from my very lovely bloggy friends, I shall be able to make a quilt big enough for a double or king sized bed rather than a cot!!!

I am having a wobble about the hexes stitched together so far. They are not random enough.

I should have pieced all my hexes, then laid them out, but I wanted to start sewing them together and then I made a mistake when I first started stitching and instead of unpicking I changed plans and went for a block of one colour. However I've started thinking that when the quilt is big it will be just that little bit too random and not what I wanted ...after discussion with mum (who was hexing before I was even born!!) she suggested that I add a few more onto the one's I have done and make a cushion and start again with the quilt (*sigh* had I mentioned how slow it is?!?!).

I think she is very probably right..I don't want to put all this effort in and then it bug me as its the wrong sort of random!!!

Does anyone else struggle with 'random' like I do??? Is random really a very calculated well planned thing??

(also did anyone else have to REALLY force themselves to chuck the offcuts from the string patches??? I did stare at them thinking I could reuse, but resisted and got rid!!!)


Anonymous said...

See now I think that random looks great, but if I try to do random, it just doesn't happen and I try to coordinate. Just not brave enough to go with it and see what happens!

Sarah said...

How does that not look random? They are all different fabrics so wouldn't that make them random? Maybe I've missed something but to me they look fantastic! Great sewing too, can't even see the stitching. Could you really make a bed sized quilt?? WOW!

Sarah said...

Oh and no I haven't been able to throw my scraps out! It's so silly keeping them but they look kind of useful. Aren't they?

TheMadHouse said...

Wow, I think you are very brave doing a hex, I can not bring myself to quilt yet!

Serenata said...

Looks pretty good to me!

Couldn't you use the scraps for brooches?

BlossomAndRoses said...

Hi Claire,

Thought I'd drop you a line as I was reminded of you today when I used the lovely bunting you made me in the freinds swap last year.
You've got some lovely patchwork going on there, it's looking fantastic already (and entirely random in my opinion) but as so much effort is going into it, I understand the wanting to get it perfect!

Look forward to seeing the finished quilt.

Natasha x said...

It all looks lovely to me, and You are so talented to do hexagons, I only have ever attempted squares! suzie xxx

Sarah said...

That looks great. I know what you mean about random though. I go for the 'random' approach but somehow spend ages putting them next to each other, then swapping them around which goes against the grain of random!!

LittleGem said...

Am aiming to sort out some squares for you today Claire, forgot to ask if you want just lightweights?
P.S sooo jealous of all that yummy fabric from Mary and Beki!

Florence and Mary said...

Yes I struggle with random!!!

Victoria x

Bridget said...

I am loving the hex's! Personally, I would perservere with the quilt - I have just done a random quilt myself and I found that even though small patches appeared not to 'work', once you looked at the hole thing it was absolutely fine - and added to the whole random thing! Hope that makes sense. Basically, you cannot coordinate the random!

Mary Poppins said...

You are very welcome my lady :0) Can't wait to see your quilt. I am all of a coffuffle on the SC Cafe can't remember to who and what I need to be sending ;) thoutgh I do get confooosed rather easily these days