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Monday, 11 January 2010

a plan for twenty ten.

(picture for Sandie xxxx)
Yay! The white stuff melteth!!
Snow is very pretty to look at but its wet and cold and makes roads dangerous, not to mention schools shut so I'm pretty relieved to see the back of it.
It also brought our weekend to a standstill. Lovely husband didn't get home til gone 8pm on Friday because the snow locally was so bad, I didn't want to take the car out on Saturday, the main roads were clear we discovered later, but our road was ridiculously icy...
(One thing in the snow's favour is that it stops you spending money, especially when combined with your new self imposed less time on the laptop regime!!!)
So our weekend involved lounging about in front of the fire, some of us watched tv, some played with lego and racing cars, and some of us played with glue sticks, merrily filling scrap books until the glue sticks ran out!
So once I ran out of glue, snuggling and joining in the tv watching was in order.
Last night was filled with ironing, belatedly sewing on name labels in C's new school stuff (I won't be winning any organised mum prizes...), finishing something on the list from last year (more on that tomorrow) and making this years (pressure free) list.Its not all crafty stuff. Some of it is practical essential housey stuff. Like losing the spare room and putting one of the big boys in there and sorting out the windows at the front of the house for starters. Oh and the little boys room was one of the 1st we did so needs a freshen up, as does the play room.....

But there is a crafty list..some practical, some frivolous....

  • make seat pads for dining chairs
  • make table runner x2 (christmas and all year round)
  • placemats x2 sets (christmas and all year round)
  • make little boys blind
  • make curtains for W's new room
  • make bunting and cover noticeboard for W's room
  • make happy birthday bunting to come out for all 6 birthdays
  • finish inspiration books
  • keep on hexing to get closer to a quilt
  • make new cushion covers for lounge sofa's
  • make arm covers for dining room chair
  • make own christmas cards
  • make applique and embroidered pictures using ideas in head!
  • research candle making kits
  • make patchwork lampshade cover for dining room lamp
  • make hot water bottle covers
  • finish dolls quilt

Well I think that will do for starters! Definately no pressure. No time limits. All this is achievable so hopefully I will have some finished things to post on here this year instead of lots of talk about want to do's!!!


TheMadHouse said...

What a lovley list of things to do, if not a little long!!

Sarah said...

It's amazing how long a list can be. Mine are huge, as soon as one drops off, another several appear! It's great when you can cross them off though!

dottydaisies said...

wow thats a list and a half - good luck x

Debbie said...

Oooh that photo looks so cosy! Im a huge lover of lists so enjoyed reading yours - hope you manage to get them all done! :D

made with love said...

what a long list. I hope you manage to get through it. I smiled when I read about your christmas cards. I was going to make mine last year but ran out of time. Maybe I should add it to my list now.
Have fun
Rachael XX

Bluebell said...

Wow, thats a long list! Good luck with tackling it :)

bekimarie said...

Oooh I love lists but I love completed lists even more. Such a shame that never happens here ;)
Not so sure about making Christmas cards because I say i'm going to do that every year and never get round to it but I am going to chop up all this years cards to make tags. Just have to hope I remember where I put them.
Gorgeous piccie of your fire, so cosy.

Take care
Beki xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Great list. Good luck.

VintageVicki said...

An excellent list - if I had a list written down it would be similar to yours - especially the cushion covers, christmas cards and candle making.

Hope you get lots ticked off during 2010.

Vicki xx

Anonymous said...

Snowdwarf photo made me laugh! Thanks for posting it.

What a huge list (and how neatly written). Don't go being perfect on me by doing the whole lot!

Florence and Mary said...

That's some list! Can't wait to see how you get on with these fun projects

Victoria x

Sarah said...

Gosh you are hard on yourself! Haven't we just done Christmas? You are unbelieveable!! Where do you get the motivation from? Go Claire!

Serenata said...

Your list looks similar to mine - quotes for windows! I have to get back on to the guy who came out to quote us before Christmas - still haven't received our quote and when I say before Christmas I mean end of October!!

Take it easy though - it still looks a very long list. ;-)

LittleGem said...

Sounds like a plan :) I love reading your lists Claire, very inspirational. Looking forward to seeing your hexies develop xx

A Country Girl said...

Hmmm. Bit worried about 'make little boys blind'. Seems a little cruel?

LittleGem said...

Hiya Claire, have been meaning to email you about the lessons, it was scary, but good scary iykwim :)
Are you sure you don't want the book? I'll only accept if your sure you wont give it another go? Thank you for the offer too xxx