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Monday, 15 March 2010

Happy Birthday .... me!!
I am having a lovely couple of days, Mothers Day was perfect, breakfast with all my boys, great cards and gifts - both bought and handmade and a nice pottering sort of all happens at once for me....Mothers Day and my birthday are very rarely more than a week has been known to be on the same day.........I was in such a good mood yesterday I wasn't even mortally wounded by the sentiment on my new mug!!!!On my dresser, aswell as some uncleared up soil from a pot plant, you can see some of my birthday pressies, including the gorgeous wooden erm - planty carrying thing filled with primula's from mum....she suggested that once I have planted out these plants the planty carrying thing would look good filled with herbs...I said bottles of wine at the same time, which as mum said...speaks volumes!!!My new Cath goodies, tins were from son number 2 and the bowls from the babies...though I'm sure daddy helped...and I'm sure sending him off to work with massive circles round the items in the catalogue helped even more!!
lovely perfume (hehehe!!) and the remains of yesterday's chocs.
I also got 2 new cd's chosen by, ordered by and paid for by number 1 son all by himself...even though one of them was given to me with the it when I'm out :D!!! (it was Robbie Williams, nothing that terrible!!!)My 2 favourite birthday cards....and cutest words of the weekend...
Me: thank you for my mothers day present
C: thank you for growing me in your beautiful tummy..................
(I am still smiling xxx)
I'm now off to return the camera I bought the other week...its faulty (hence the dodgy mobile phone pics....) then round to a friends for coffee and cake, then on to mums for birthday tea and more cake, its good to be spoilt once a year!!

Don't forget my giveaway here.....

And how is the colour swap making going??????
I know at least one of you has posted your colour swap I'm really panicking!!!
Don't forget to upload your pics to the flickr group.....
I can't wait to see what everybody has made.


made with love said...

Blimey that is organised.
Happy birthday. This is a lovely month for you isn't it?
Have fun,
Rachael XX

bekimarie said...

Yikes, who's the uber organised one then?
Happy Birthday, hope it's been a good one and you've been thoroughly spoilt.

Beki xxx

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, hope that your having a fantastic day xx

Mary Poppins said...

What lovely pretties you had, well deserved :0) The dresser looks fabulous as does your lovely appliqued angel, very pretty.

Hope you are having a lovely day



VintageVicki said...

Happy Birthday - all the best peeps have March birthdays ;)

Understand about the MothersDay/Birthday same day thing - happened to me last year.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Claire!! Glad you had a lovely day and got lots of gorgeous pressies! My colour swap is all done - thanks so much for arranging - and am off to upload pics to flickr now!
Rachel xx

jozen said...


you know, if you lived here in canada, we celebrate mother's day in may... so mother's day and your birthday wouldn't be so close!!

driftwood said...

happy happy birthday xoxo

Penny said...

Happy Bithday your pressies look great and C is sooo cute enjoy your Birthday tea.


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Happy birthday, glad you had a good day. My swap is ready to post but I was thinking it's a bit too soon and I keep hanging on in case I spot 'just one more thing' to pop in! will probably send this week some time.

Kissed by an Angel said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Mothers Day to you. What gorgeous, gorgeous pressies!!! Aren't the primulas pretty?? Kids today have no taste - now what is wrong with Robbie???
Just popped by to say hello!! Love your blog and the way you write!!!

Michela said...

Hi Claire! Happy Birthday! Love all your prettiness! xxx

A Country Girl said...

Thankk you for the birthday good wishes - I hope you had a lovely birthday too!
I love your Cath bowls.

melanie said...

What gorgeous gifts. :) xxx

Country Bliss said...

Glad you had a great birthday & lots of lovely presents.That is such a sweet thing for your little boy to say.
Yvonne x

bekimarie said...

Missed this post (2nd time around lol)
Glad you had a good birthday and Mothers day, well deserved I'd say and what lovely gifts you received.
You can tell DS1 there be nothing wrong with Robbie although OH does ask I don't put him on while he's around 'hehe'

Love and hugs

B xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Happy Birthday sounds like you had a great time and was very spoilt and well deservedly so!

One of our boot sales goes on all year but I only tend to go when the weather warms up!

Victoria xx

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday! I am jealous of your CK bowls :)

jackanne said...

happy belated birthday!! you are soooo spoilt (and so you should be). hugs xx

Tabiboo said...

Happy belated birthday.

I love all your goodies and the colours coordinate perfectly.

No rain here today, but weirdly enough it's turned very breezy and autumnal - great for the mass of washing I need to get dry though!

take care and have a fabulous weekend,

Nina xxx

MelMel said...

Hi hunni...good news!
You won my give away!


BlossomAndRoses said...

Happy belated birthday! You lucky thing, you had some great gifts! I love the mug, theres nothing wrong with being a little bit bossy is there? ;-)

Natasha x