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Tuesday, 9 March 2010


** my apologies to those who have read my written in advance post that got published when my battery died - oops!!! (its not my birthday yet lol)**

You lot are really lovely bloggy friends, thank you all for your anniversary wishes.
We had a lovely night, and got a full nights sleep sad that a good night is now measured by unbroken sleeps!!! (the little gitbag slept through for Grandma!!!)
And you were right......the other stuff was still waiting when we got back!!
The start of this week has been spent pottering in the house...I am busy busy at the moment working a tiny bit, so not much time for craftiness..I have cut out a few more projects, the non completed project total is now in double figures(actually thats an idea for a blog might spur me on??), I sewed some more hexies whilst watching telly on Sunday night, and I have made another couple of smelly candles.

These are mothers day gifts for the mums! Scented with cinammon buns fragrance and 'fudge' coloured - I love them, I love that they look like a (very weak) cup a tea!!!

I've also rejigged the spare bedroom again...more on that another day, but you can just see the desktop covered in the CK oilcloth I bought back here.

It looks amazing..I want to save up now and put it on the dining room table, and cover it in plastic so it doesn't get ruined by yukky boys!

So very much an all quiet on the eastern front kind of post lol...unless you want to get me started on the arrogant teacher at parents evening at high school tonight - grrrrr!

(amazing how a child can be described as 'lovely' and ' one of the reasons our school is 15th in the country' and 'a joy to teach' etc 7 teachers, yet 1 tells me he is full of himself and thinks he's a bit special!!!!)

(he was stopped in his tracks by me - I refrained from saying woah woah easy tiger!!! - and a complaint has been made...)

oh how I love parents evening!!!!..for the record..there have been issues with A and this subject, but far from being full of himself he thinks he is rubbish and has no confidence in the subject...grrrrr!!! (again)

(on a happy note my 4 year old is getting on great at full time school...shame really as I'm only one bad report away from home schooling the little ones!!!)


Lavender hearts said...

I'm so glad I'm not a parent - I don't think I could take the parent's evening, mum's gossiping at the gate and the 'my jonty was walking at 6 months' conversations. I probably wouldn't be able to stop myself from speaking my mind! LOL

Sarah said...

Oh goodness me! Don't you just love the teachers who know more about your child than you and they aren't even a parent yet?!!

Glad you enjoyed your evening out. Mine always slept through for Nana too. They just like to see us the little toads. Goodness knows why as we are usually grumpy at that hour anyway!

Love your look alike cups of tea! Great idea.

Gerry said...

I found you via The Prairie Girl
Hmm, I may have to start some hexies.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately teachers are people and you get nice ones and horrid ones.

Let's hope I'm seen by parents as one of the nice ones [ never get complaints and often get thanked].

I remember having a real set to with one of the teachers at my kid's high school - obviously didn't know my son. Told me he'd never make any thing of himself - he's now head of year nine in a high school in Sheffield.

Same teacher later on when my daughter had him for drama used to make sexist jokes and it became so bad that she had to change her option subject.

Love the candles - I'm sure they will also love them

Floss said...

Ungrateful teachers... my son's 'Most Despised' teacher resigned this half term. The rejoicing around the entire school (including staff, Son 1 tells me) could be heard all the way over at our house! It's impossible to keep everyone happy - as I told my son, it was obviously the teacher who had problems, not him.

Other than that, I'm so glad you had a great anniversary celebration. It will be our 20th this year and we will be preparing for a family trip away for my PIL's 50th! Don't quite know how we'll celebrate in the midst of that...

VintageVicki said...

Must be the time for parents evenings - had one for big son last night. Quite the opposite to you - had one teacher in particular who totally raved about him! Might have been different if we'd seen his art teacher but thats one subject thats definately not on the options list!!

Love your teacup candles - hope the mums do too :)

Rachel said...

Glad you had a lovely anniversary. And sorry to hear of your teacher problems. We've been very lucky with our two so far - long may it continue! Your teacup candles are gorgeous! Have just sent off my first colour swap parcel - thanks so much for arranging it all.
Rachel x

melanie said...

I love your candles, it is great how they look like tea.xxxx

LittleGem said...

hello you!
i am sure you must be busier than i am but have time to do blogposts!! LOVE the candles they are really pretty and bet they smell nice too!
have sent you a pic of the cake LOL tell me what you think!! xx

Sarah said...

Don't you just love parents evenings. We've got 2 next week..... It's difficult not speaking your mind....!

made with love said...

Glad you had a lovely anniversary.
I love your candles. They do look like cups of tea. I can almost smell them. Mmmmm. I bet they will love them, I would.
Have fun,
Rachael XX

A Country Girl said...

I had parents eveining too last night but luckily no arrogant teachers! Was totally drianed afterwards though - nearly 2 hours of talking, waiting, talking ,waiting...
By the way, thanks for the Beccles parking advice!

Lynda said...

I love the candles! They're fantastic. Will they be available to buy? I'm sure the mums will love them.

Anonymous said...

I home schooled my eldest for a year in 1986 and even appeared in a Anglia TV programme about home schooling. It was a very enjoyable time.

jozen said...

my 4 year old will be in full time kindergarten starting this fall.

we shall see how that goes... she still naps in the afternoon!

Isobel said...

Hi, I am not sure if I got the chance to wish you a Happy Anniversary, if not, please forgive me and accept my belated best wishes. :)
I love your scented candles. They look fab with their "tea" colour, I bet they smell wonderful!

Kelly said...

Lovely Candles!!!
I'm so glad I don't have to do school stuff! Sometimes I pick my cousin up from school and the mums annoy me, the teachers annoy me and I find it all very unpleasant!
I have told my Boyfriend that when we have children that's going to be his job!!!

flutter said...

Oh these candles are so lovely. Candles are on my to do list of learning new crafts.. At the moment I am learning how to crochet..

LOL a bit special! I don't go to parents evenings. Both my boys ARE special, Charlie with Autism and a multitude of other stuff and Sonny with speech and language difficulties.. Is that what he meant by special hahaha...LOL???? said...

Some teachers! arghhhh! Don't take any notice! Those cinnamin candles must smell divine, they certainly look lovely! Suzie xxx