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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Thank You's

To all of you xxx
Big Thank You's!!!
I was overwhelmed by all your kind and lovely words, offering me lots of good luck with my new venture.
I had a great first day.....thank you to those of you who went to have a peep..and extra thank you's to those of you who placed your orders xxxYour parcels should be with you today, so do let me know what you think...about the important things like, is the colour of my tissue paper nice lol!!!
I got myself an early night last night.....dreaming of ribbon!!!I said the other day that I had been having some giveaway good luck...well I was fortunate to win Mel's giveaway.
It came yesterday...and made me have the biggest smile ever for the rest of my afternoon..
Mel you spoilt me.....CK wrapping - that alone made me smile...and I bet I'm not the only one who would have so so carefully opened the paper (cutting the stickers to minimise damage lol!!) -
Here is what Mel sent me

the fabbest buttons I now own!!!

Ck the print....some cute pegs, will use them in my 'office', and a choccy bunny.
Inside my CK wrapping
was a fab handkerchief (I have a plan to turn this into something else....) and a pocket mirror in the new cherry print. Love the cherry print :)I live a gazillion miles from a CK shop, so I have to rely on the catalogue to see what Cath is up to..and we know how long those things take to get to us sometimes!!
Thank you Mel for my lovely card and all my fab pressies!! xxxx

Mel sent me the latest catalogue..and my favourite for a long got my heart racing again...lots of circles will be going in this one!!!
(some pages and things I love)I only bought 2 new mugs in John Lewis last week (to replace the 1 lovely husband broke!!)

but I spied with my beady eye a new design, vintage cars, on the wish list now..the boys in the house need boyish mugs!!!
Floor Tiles............aaaggghh!! Cowboy print. I am still wandering round the house wondering where I can have £40 a square metre somewhere small!! The toilet maybe??? The bathroom???
In fact I love the whole of this boys bedroom....

Thanks to Victoria and Kelly - I also neeeeeed the wine glasses.

Actually if I'm honest I need new wine glasses like a fish needs a bicycle!! But they are so lovely. And reasonably priced...John Lewis had similar glasses when I was there last week and they cost more ....can you spot the spiel I give my husband to justify them lol!!!
More post pressies to show you tomorrow.......


TheMadHouse said...

Oh I so agree with you on the mugs for the boys!

I can not wait for you to get your fabric in. I am an excited little bunny

Sarah said...

What lovely eye candy. CK is certainly good for that!

melanie said...

I adore Ck, wish I could buy all of her stock! xx

Florence and Mary said...

Now, now don't be blaming me and Kelly for the CK glasses love... blame her aunt who brought them for us! LOL!

I love the floor tiles too, I think I'm slightly grateful I'm in a rented property and they're not an option as I'd be ripping flooring up left right and centre to have them laid!!!

Have a great weekend

Victoria xx

Lalabibaby said...

Well done on such a successful first day Claire .... the shop looks fab and so inviting. A lovely giveway from Mel too .... those stripey buttons are lush x

LissyLou said...

Just had a look at your new venture!! well done exciting!!! I'll put a link to your shoppie on my blog. xx

VintageVicki said...

Glad first day went well :)

Love the new boyish CK mugs - wonder if that means I can sneak more into my house?

BTW - thanks for the FB request - I accepted :)

Are you going to Woodbridge next Sat for the Vintage Fair??

MelMel said...

Hi hunni, so pleased you liked it all!xxxx

LoloDesigns said...

Really pleased you had a good first day with your new site. Am sure it will just keep on growing, fab stuff on there :o) x