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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Love is....

...the man in your life telling you that you can buy another cupboard because the one you bought is a pile of crap!!!

I hate my has been resanded, and it has had 2 coats of emulsion and looks better than it did before but the paint is just soaking in or something and it just looks dirty..starting to think i bought a load of rubbish!!!

Ok Plan C...3rd coat will be eggshell - I'm thinking F&B Lulworth Blue (I've been to Lulworth and don't see the relevance of blue...perhaps someone can enlighten me!!) will try the water based eggshell methinks.

Plan D is landfill!! Not even freecycle...I wouldn't want to offload it on some unsuspecting soul!!

Mr Dolly would live in a very tidy, minimalistic, furnished like a page in the Next catalogue kinda home without me in his life, he humours me and is learning to love the treasures I bring back to our I know he must really love me not to say 'I told you your cupboard was shite!!!'

So bored with this cupboard - more posts soon, on interesting things like.... how many stools can you fit in a renault scenic!!!!


Lace Threads said...

You are hilarious! Thank you so much for your encouragement today. Don't be too hard on yourself - your kiddies are so much younger than mine. I think water based eggshell is the way to go with your cupboard - it's def good to work with. Get to it! One side at a time. lol. x

Curlew Country said...

Hi Clair - your blog really makes me laugh so mcuh! Can't wait to see the results of the stool wrestling, sounds marvellous.

Shame the cupboard revamp is such a mare, I never strectch beyond Wilkinsons' own brand paint so hope the F&B does the trick.

Bless Mr Dollop, wonder if there's therapy for vintage husbands?
I've been to Lulworth too - more battleship grey I seem to remember. Or seaweed green - I had a lto of time to look at it after dad got our rowing boat tangled up it for most of an afternoon. Grim!

Curlew Country said...

So sorry, seem to have left my typing fingers and brains at home. What a mess - will try harder next time!

angel said...

Hiya Dollop, so how many Stools CAN you get in your renscenic, I suposse it all depends who's putting the stools in there, I could get a mighty few in but it would take me some time, but say, it was a big bloke, he could probably get it done in a couple of days.
{well you started the shite talk]LOL

Rose&Bird said...

F&B are based in Wimborne and a couple of the colours have local names 'Wimborne White' 'Minster Green' etc. So I guess the colour comes from that.

claire said...

Aha!! That explains it x Thank You :)