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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Ruby Booby

I sometimes get really fed up with the lack of time I seem to have to do the things i want to... My head (and spare room) are filled with a 'want to do' list.
As the things I want to do are not necessary to the smooth running of our home, they take a back seat to the washing, cooking, hoovering, school runs and this......
My Ruby Booby and Prince Pudding!
..... his belly filling is the reason I get naff all except the essentials done some days!

Worth it?......yep totally!

At booby group yesterday I realised that Reuben wasn't the new kid on the block anymore! Over the past few weeks we have welcomed lots of new mums with teeny tiny newborns and a couple of expectant mums too, which is why, sometimes, after a feed, I don't lay him down and get up and do chores - I sit and stare at him, greedily drinking in that yummy babyness! Because I know that this stage will be over before I know it, and will it really matter that I didn't make patchwork cushions!


Country Bliss said...

I know what you mean, I am only now starting to do 'the things I want again' and my youngest will be 2 next week.I've always found with mine that because I breastfed them they always wanted to be with me but like you say they grow up really, really quickly so make the most of it. He is gorgeous!

Lace Threads said...

Oh boy does it go quickly. I can't believe my eldest is starting secondary in Sept. It's a lovely lovely time, and it's so precious. Sounds like you are enjoying to the full!

Elaine said...

He is so gorgeous, I don't blame you for just looking at him.

Love and blessings

Raspberry Grace said...

Rooby booby... Lol. you ARE funny Dolly.. good for you, enjoy him while you can!

God bess, Rasp xx

claire said...

You ought to hear what i call the others!!!!