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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Newquay here we come..

We are off on our hols on I really shouldn't be making packed lunch fodder like this:

Nor should I be anywhere near the computer I should be packing!!

Its times like this that I realise how hard it is having 4 children..and how many clothes we have!!! I know this because I have ironed nearly everything we own in the past week - serves me right for being a lazy ironer (what we need for the week - nothing more!!)

I know that I will wear 1 pair of shoes all week - not the 8 pairs I have so far packed....but I won't be unpacking them!! I know that I will be so exhausted from the day time that I will only be changing into my pyjamas....but I won't be unpacking the 3 pretty skirts I've packed for 'evenings'!!!

Why do I find it so hard to pack lightly...can anyone do this?? How do you stop the panic rising when you only put in just enough pants for the week!! I mean it must be YEARS since I had an accident and needed a change of underwear but I empty my drawer whenever I go away!!
Anyway, back soon - hopefully refreshed and raring to go with project house!!
I'll leave you with a picture of 'the' stools......I am banned from looking at ebay for the time being!!! I'm hoping for a 2week turnaround on them once we're home!!


Country Bliss said...

Hope you have a great holiday down here in sunny Cornwall.

Lace Threads said...

Those stools look really good. Longing to see one made over. Have a fab holiday.

Curlew Country said...

You lucky things off to Cornwall - have a fabulous time, hope the sun shines.
Stephx - another member of the compulsory over-packing brigade - every time!

Trish said...

hope the stools are coming along ok hun, enjoy cornwall too xxx

angel said...

Are you back yet, Did you wear all your stuff? or is it still in your case.Lol.
I hope you had a great time away, Huggles, Honey. Mwah.

donna said...

what was that marshmallowy food thing you made? :)