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Sunday, 1 June 2008

another crappy sunday..

We loaded the car up with all our junk, (sorry, quality items!), last night - ready to do a car boot sale, and I was looking forward to going with OH in tow so I could chuck my old- quality items - on display then go for a wander nice and early and grab the bargains!!

I am on the hunt for a glass cake dome, crocheted granny square blankets and glass candlesticks and I am never child free for long enough to have a good rummage we got up at quarter to 6 for nowt!!

Still, I painted some old photo frames, sanded a £1 stool from the charity shop and put a coat of paint on this

well it looks hideous! I am not even taking a photo - and I am so over using gloss paint! I had great success with F&B dimity but I wanted a similar look to a dresser I saw on this blog post, the colour is just gorgeous, but after 1 coat of dulux sea blue my cupboard looks tomorrow (or more likely Tuesday) I shall be donning the power tool (sander!!) and getting as much off as I can before slapping on some baby blue emulsion. If anyone uses emulsion on the pieces they paint - please let me know how they look finished and how they wear. x

I shan't be defeated...and I will be back with pictures when I get it right!!!

In case you are reading down under Max....Happy Birthday....hope it was a good one xxxx


Lea said...

Oh honey :( That sucks. I had a similar problem with my bureau, but after a week of almost disowning it, i finished it and love it now. I have used emulsion on a bookcase, and tbh it worked wonderfully.

We are parters for the swap challenge btw ;) I'm really excited because i have an idea of what i want to do xx

This Vintage Life said...

What a shame ~ better luck next time. I only ever paint with emulsion and then use briwax on top to seal it. Maybe this will help? Deborah x

claire said...

Thank you for your kind words :)
Am having a day or two off the cupboard and am emulsioning some stool legs to get my confidence back!!

Lace Threads said...

Oh poor you. It's so dispiriting when that happens. It's a lovely piece, so it will look good, but it's frustrating having to go back a step. You'll get there! x

Gigibird said...

Emulsion is fine to use but it really needs a good 'key' so sanding it is a must or usuing a product like ESP or Zinser Bin.
You would be better usuing a F&B paint or another traditional type as they have less vinyl in.
After painting, the next day wax but use wire wool to apply - I usually use a clear wax with an antique - if you put too much on and it looks horrible you can remove it with white spirit.
I hope you will show us your results?

claire said...

I think I am going to use F&B emulsion - I had 2 successes with their eggshell but it hacked me off waiting for it to dry!! X
Watch this space!