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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside....

Today at the car boot I was lucky (!?) enough to grab this for £3...(The blonde bombshell was extra!!!)

It needs a lot of work - paint and a new seat canvas (this is that shiny slippy nasty fabric!) but I've been eyeballing deckchairs on ebay and I think I've got a bargain.
Finds today also included
4 glass candle holders (I bought 2 lead crystal ones too but got them home and didn't like them so they are added to our car boot stash) - £1.70 in total for the 4.
a lovely round glass jelly mould for £1 and a 2 tier cake stand for £2.
I also got a couple of toys for the baby for 80p that I am currently trying to dry out properly as I overdid it with the milton I think!!

Apart from the trip across town to the boot sale, I've done nowt but sit on this here computer!! I won 26 stools (don't ask!! ) on ebay yesterday, and the seller is yet to make contact. I got an invoice with a £50 courier charge on but the listing says collection welcome - and thats what I want to do!! I have emailed but as yet no reply...I'm not well known for my patience and I really want to organise it as I need to go with no children so I can fit them in the car!! Fingers crossed I will get a response soon - watch this space for news on what someone might do with 26 stools!!!
Remember the cupboard I messed up? Well my lovely OH has sanded it back today so I can go for round 2 - with emulsion this time!! Here it is half sanded - you can see the hideous paint on it! Not the look I had in mind!!
I've one completed project this week..
from this....
£1 from the charity shop
to this
I'm really pleased with how it has turned out - its painted with dulux willow tree emulsion on the legs and flag wax in antique pine on the top.

Hope everybody is still awake - apologies for the mammoth post. Think I'll have to post more often so I don't have to blather on for so long. X


sharie said...

well done on those finds. I papinted a cupboard too and need to repaint it- drivs you mad doesn't it!!

claire said...

I could have cried!!I'd have chucked it but OH calmed me down!!!

Trish said...

you did well with them there bargains hun xxx

Raspberry Grace said...

Lovely :)

I'm sending silent thoughts that all jelly moulds everywhere should wing their way to me.. (you lot always find them, I never see any!).

Do I spy Laura Ashley Gingham curtians in the background?

Truly we are sisters in the LA ! *winks*

love, Rasp xx

claire said...

Why Rasp, you don't miss a trick - lol!!!! Yes they are made by mil - I bought just enough fabric no spares :( I have recently got same fabric in green (reduced of course!) to do little ds's bedroom - made sure enough for spare to look at and stroke...I mean use somewhere else!!!

Elaine said...

I love the stool, really pretty, and all that gorgeous glassware too.

Love & blessings

Country Bliss said...

I want a round jelly mould and a deckchair but can't find any. Lovely cake stand and candle holders too.
Great finds!

angel said...

Well done, I do love the stool, its really come up a treat. :-)

Well done. X