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Monday, 22 June 2009

Happy Tag

I have been tagged by MitMot to list 6 random, insignificant things that make me happy.

I'll start with the obvious(and not insignificant at all!!!) family.....all of them, my lovely husband who works a gazillion hours a week so I can stay at home, the 2 big boys who, apart from a bit of backchat and bone idleness, don't give me any problems (yet!!*quickly takes back that last sentence so as not to jinx anything*)
And these 2 cute chicks, this was taken after checking on them the other night!
(I'm feeling appreciative today, they don't always make me happy before you think we're like the waltons lol!!)
Next up, vintage linens.

My first stop in any CS. Its my current obsession.I don't always use them for their intended purpose. (as the bunting on my last post showed!!)This cushion was a gift I made out of a vintage tablecloth (ripped in the middle) and the reverse made from a barkcloth curtain, I like to think I am breathing new life into them.

These cushion covers were 25p each, and the front cushion was made from a 20p traycloth that I backed with some LA polka dot fabric...
This traycloth was 19p!! Very summery :)

Makes me very happy. I only wish I had more time to sew. I used to sew as a girl but then stopped as a teenager..I rediscovered sewing a few years ago and I think though I have a long way to go. I'm improving! My mum, grandma and my aunty are sew'ers too, so perhaps its in the genes??

My ever growing fabric collection,
These are the sorted shelves.......happy only goes part way to describing what seeing my piles of fabric makes me feel!! I only have a bit out on display but I open the cupboard frequently!!

New Joules dress - Ready to be worn on Saturday to a garden party - have no shoes yet, well not strictly true, I have plenty of shoes including yellow wedges that look fab with the dress but I think I want flats.....

And lastly watching my tomatoes grow - sad but true. After my disappointing strawberry show, all my hopes are resting on these babies!!

I think most people have been tagged, but if you haven't do share :)


Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Wonderful post -- I love all your finds, especially the vintage embroidery!! I could never find such great stuff at that price around here!!

Devon Dumpling said...

Love the dress....Hen from Henhouse Homemade has one and it is so pretty! Your tomoatoes are looking good...much better than mine at the moment...give it a few weeks and I may be in competition! x

LittleGem said...

Ooh the dress! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and looks fab on Pips hanger :D I love the barkcloth fabric cushions too - oh and the fabric piles! (and the little fellas are gorgeous!)

gingerwine said...

wish I had a fabric stash like that!

sam x