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Tuesday, 16 June 2009


We have had a lovely weekend. Some weekends pass by in a whirl - but this was one of those action packed yet stress free type ones!!
My brother and family came to stay, so that meant lots of cuddles with my 6 month old niece.
Lovely husband and my eldest then went to watch Madness in concert with my brother, whilst sis in law and I caught up on some Big Brother on the sky+!!
(I wanted to see Madness too, but decided that a boys jolly would be good for them!!)
The weather was great.
Lots of sunshine equals lots of seaside.

Our own seaside......

And much nicer up the coast Southwold seaside.........

Somebody had a great time digging a big hole...and I don't mean the boy in the photo!! We unearthed a large collection of spades....I took 10 to the beach with us and there is still a bag full of the things in the shed!! I think its because I am disorganised and never take any out with us so we end up buying more.....

( Also I shamefully realised that the baby had never felt sand on his feet until Sunday......shameful as I live 5 minutes from the beach!! More beach visits whilst he is awake are in order I think!!!)
(and 'the baby' isn't so much of a baby any more!!)

LOTS of seaside swap inspiration in Southwold. So hoping to get busy this week :)


Anonymous said...

Oooh what a lovely weekend you had ... I've never been to that area but would love too.

bekimarie said...

My little man had his first feel of the sand today aswell. Does that make us bad Mummies 'hehe'!
Looks like you had a great time and your seaside looks so much nicer than ours.
have a great week.
Beki xxx

Kirsty said...

looks lovely. I so wish I lived 5 mins from the beach, I'd be there everday. I love the coast.

bex said...

wish i was experincing sand on my feet for the first glad you had a good weekend, hope the guys enjoyed maddness

angel said...

Lovely, its great to take icklies to the beach for them to enjoy getting sand up their bums, bless em. :-)
I am glad you had a good weekend, though i would have scrummed down for those Madness tickets..:-)

Have a wonderful week.
Love and hugs Mwah XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Claire,

I'm your sleepover swap partner (via Thrifty Mrs) and thought I'd drop by to say hello!

Southwold looks lovely! My grandparents live in East Anglia (Downham Market) so my childhood memories include lots of trips to Hunstanton and Lowestoft beaches. Sadly I'm Midlands born and raised, so don't see the sea nearly as much as I'd like to!

Caroline x

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lovely day! The weather looks great too!

I am seriously impressed with the castle - that is huge!!