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Monday, 8 June 2009


This is a thank you post!!!!
I took part in the FRIENDS swap that Beki hosted and was very lucky to be partnered with Natasha.
The rules were you send 7 gifts, each starting with the letters of the word friends......
Floss spoke recently of 'swap anxiety', I relate to this emotion. I have taken part in quite a few swaps now both in blogland and over at SCC and each time I feel anxious that the swap is ok'! My theory on the subject is that we all see our own crafting with different eyes to our partner! I know I am very critical of my makes.
Anyway, serious case of SA when I opened my parcel last week!!
F was for Flower Mini Book
Natasha is a scrapbooker and as I told her I am totally cack handed with papercrafts, so I was thrilled to get a pretty book with sleeves for pics of my chicks inside :)
R is for Retro Fabric
Wow! Natasha has obviously done her research. I love it! I can't use it yet obviously, looking and stroking for a while longer!!

I is for (you'll love this one lol!!!) - I couldn't decide so went for CK!!!
Fabulous take on the letter I (it was a tricky one, I struggled a lot!!).
E is for Earings

Gorgeous! I LOVE them :) x
N is for Notebook

This pic doesn't do it justice, this notebook is stunning, I am fighting the urge to be precious and never use it!!
D is for Daisies

Fabric daisies, I am going to attach these to a cushion I think.

S is for Shopping Bag

CK again - fabulous :)

I'll post what I sent another day.....but I really enjoyed making/finding things for this swap, it was such a great theme - even if I struggled with I and D!!! Thanks Beki for organising and thank you so much Natasha for my lovely lovely swap :) I hope you liked yours as much as I loved mine xx


louise said...

Gorgeous stuff Dolly,what a lovely idea for a swap.

Mary Poppins said...

Wow :)

What beautiful and thoughtful gifts, lucky you :)

I found the Swap etiquette rules over on the seaside swap I am doing hosted by Contended blog, very useful and a very good read if ever you get the chance. Made me feel so much more relaxed about sending and receiving my swaps :)



Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

lovely goodies lucky you!
ive just done my friends swap but suffered severe nerves about it :-) it went really well though and i think my partner liked what i sent !
Lesley x

LissyLou said...

Great swap. I really enjoyed this swap, i've just recieved my goodies from Silkie Sue and they are all gorgeous!! I know what you mean about the anxiety though, but i guess we all feel it x

bekimarie said...

I now want to retract my swaps and start again lol!
Lovely gifts you have there Claire.
I know I organised this one but I have to say I struggled with it but got there in the end.
I think froim now on i'll stick to themed swaps.
Beki xxx

BlossomAndRoses said...

Thanks for being so complimentary ;-)

I Will be updating my blog later on this week with all the lovely things you sent me X