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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Strawberry Envy

Lots of you are harvesting your homegrown strawberries now.......I'm not and I'm jealous!!

I think this is the first year my next door neighbour has grown strawberries and look at these lovely red berries .....(hope they didn't see me taking that pic, they'll think I'm even stranger!!!)This is how bad it has got - zooming in my camera on my neighbours plants lol
I have grown strawberries every year in pots with reasonable success, I have planted in hanging baskets this year and look at this sorry lot

Check this freaky specimen out......what has gone wrong????
( lovely newly painted green shed in the background)

Looks like I'll be relying on the PYO or Mr Tesco's supply this summer....


bekimarie said...

I love PYO, always get a bit carried away though lol!
Beki xxx

Devon Dumpling said...

Stalker alert.....sorry, just joking!!!
I grow strawberries every year and even though I have about two dozen plants, I never seem to get enough to do anything with. They are very yummy though and I enjoy the fact that I can walk outside and pick the odd one or two at a time; five today!!!!!!!!!!!!! They taste so much better than anything from a supermarket and that alone makes it worthwhile IMO.
If you want berry fruits in more decent quantities, I would try either raspberries or redcurrants. They do take up a bit more space but need very little attention so for a busy mum, I think they would be ideal. x

Kirsty said...

Oh snap - my strawberries look much like yours, although I haven't even looked in their direction this year let alone look after them! Now my blueberry plant, after a flower and therefore berry - less year last year I am hoping for lots (some berries forming - hope hope hope!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how disappointing! I love homegrown strawberries - we used to have tiny, sweet, wild ones on the rockery at the bottom of the garden and I would run down barefoot in my nightie in the mornings to nibble on a few... which is how I ended up treading on a bee and getting stung one summer!

Hope yours pick up soon/next year!

Caroline x

mitmot said...

I have tagged you on my blog - please pop over to have a look. MM xx

LittleGem said...

Hello you have some awards waiting for you on my blog :) xx