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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

a winner....

or two!!!

My glamorous assistant assisted, and the first name out of the hat (well woods ware jug!) was Elaine.

And as he was helping so nicely, and enjoying himself that he drew another name, which was Lissy Lou.
So if you'll both let me have your addresses, I can get your teacups off to you.
Thank you everyone for commenting. I really am still loving blogging, there have been a few moments of flagging but I think thats a time thing...oh for a world where all the jobs get done, you can sew what you like and you can immerse yourself in blogland round the clock!!!!
I'm still bit torn about how much to share, I'm not a secretive person, infact I'm a bit of a blurt!! But I do have to remind myself that this is the www and not everyone is as nice as us lol!

Back to the teacup pictures....I have been thinking of making them to put in a blog shop.....but I don't know if
a) I have the time to commit to making or
b) My makes are good enough...

So I think I will shelve that idea for the time being!! Its one of those long term plans for when I have more free time, the baby starts nursery in 18months ;) and thats not such a long way off!!


LittleGem said...

Congrats to Elaine and Lissylou!
In answer to your questions YES you should sell them and YES they are good enough!! :) x

Anonymous said...

Go for it Dolly D ...

Congratulations Lissy L and Elaine!

LissyLou said...

yay!!! Thank you, i love them, so i'm so excited to get one!!
Well done too Elaine c

Lace hearts said...

For goodness sake, YES you are good enough. Your makes are always fab. Go for it!!!!!!! As to opening up on a blog - I wouldn't. It's a very public place. xxx

jo said...

I toyed with the idea of a Folksy for shop for quite some time befor I commited myself. Like you I thought my items wern't good enough and time was so short. So far so good, only a few sales but poitive feed back! It's great when somone other than family and friends says your items are good. I do seem to have run out of time a little lately, but I'm sure I will get more stock back on there soon. So if I can do it I'm sure you should. Come on give it a go.

Jo xx

Elaine said...

Oh thank you little Dollop xxx
and well done to Lissylou too!

And yes you should sell you goodies.
My teacup will be stashed away until the kitchen is decorated, and when it comes out it will be shown to everyone!!!

Thank you again so much.

Love and blessings

ps. Do you already have my addy?