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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

30 days of September

30 days of posting.
I set myself a challenge at the beginning of the month to post daily. This was mainly because I started the blog back in May and I thought I knew why....but then I was posting only every now and then, so this self set challenge has cleared up a few things for me.

I only discovered blogs in january this year and I'm addicted. I started reading for home inspiration and now craft inspiration too. Also now I read certain blogs because I care what is happening in these 'virtual' friends lives.

I've always been very cautious about the internet, but the blog community is proof that fundamentally people are Nice. Honest. Trustworthy. Generous.

This month has made me see that I don't necessarily have anything to share daily. And to be honest I'm still not entirely sure if I have a 'purpose' to my blog. Then I ask myself - does it need a purpose?? I like that blogging makes me record my projects. I like that blogging makes me take photos. The camera is nearly always to hand these days - which means more snaps of my boys for me too.

So, I shall continue! Hopefully without the committment of a post a day it may free up a bit more time for all the projects on The List!

Sandie, at Dancing on a Blade of Grass, accepted the challenge herself - sucessfully too! And she has very kindly given me this.....
Thank You Very Much Xx

I'll be back in a couple of days- hopefully with the answer to my paper gift bag question!! I dismantled a laura ashley paper bag last night, I'm going to use a felt tip and mark the fold lines and use as a this space!!!


Lace hearts said...

Now why didn't we think of that - dismantling a bag is a perfect solution! Good luck!!!
There's no way I could blog daily - it should be fun, and that would have been a chore for me. And I think it's so lovely to have a little community of virtual friends who visit regularly and who we visit, and blogging once a day means that becomes impossible. I love blogging - I'm increasingly seeing the value of it in recording parts of our family life. That way, blogging without commitment I guess, it's a lot of fun. xxx

What Kelly Did next...... said...

Good luck with the bag making! Ive just started blogging and was worried that I wasn't doing it often enough, but like you say it doesnt have to have a purpose, I look at it like a reminder of what I have been up to and to show my daughter in years to come! (hopefully if i can keep it going that long!)x

Country Bliss said...

Well done, 30 days of blogging is quite a task!
I went on my blog yesterday and it had disappeared and I was gutted, but it's back now. I think it's good for your kids to have something to look back on.

MaryPoppins said...

Well done Claire you should be very proud of yourself on Blogging every day, I know I couldn't do it It has been a delight reading your news and thoughts and look forward to hearing from you again X

angel said...

I think blogging is important, i like mine to be an accurate account of my life family and friends.
Yeah right i do it because its fun, its a bit of a laugh [for me] it helps me get all this nonsense out of my head and on to pap ..erm .. suffink.
I love reading all your blogs, though i admit i get waylaid looking at everyones friends and by the time i get back to look at my fav's 3 or 5 days have passed. :-)
I am so glad you got an award from blades [she is so sweet]and well done on your daily posts in September.
Love and hugs Honey. X x X x X x X

MaryPoppins said...

Tag and an Award for you :)