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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Bake Day

Well nearly at the end of the month - some days I do feel I have something to blog about - others ,like today, well you are going to have to look at my baking!!!
I was an almost domestic goddess - I made some more of Delias runner bean pickle - forgot about it and it overboiled so I ended up with runner bean toffee - oops!!!
I then made bread - not pretty to look at but very tasty - what is it with fresh bread? I must have eaten half a loaf!!!
And nigellas breakfast bars - delicious all day :)!!! I adjusted them a bit so they have cranberries and walnuts in.


thriftymrs said...

Mmmmm that looks yummy.

Lace hearts said...

Those bars look delicious. I think home made bread is the best, but it does disappear quickly!

Elaine said...

Blimey, you've been busy. You don't fancy a spot of decorating too do you???

Love and blessings