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Monday, 29 September 2008

Paper Bags

On the cover of the latest freebie B&Q magazine - there are some gift bags made out of wallpaper.
I had been thinking about how it would be great to make some gift I decided to look into it when I got the magazine.
Thing is - I'm a bit cack handed and I need the idiots guide to folding a paper gift bag - which I cannot source here's where you come in :)
Can anyone point me in the right direction - book, link, anything!

I've found this...and this...neither are what I really need, (well the 1st one is exactly the type of bag I want to make but without the techy bit!!) so any help would be gratefully received.


angel said...

Sorry Dollop, i aint got a scooby?
They look good though so i will be watching to see if you do get someone help out then i shall copy.
*smile* [did you know i am having a be nice day today) *smile*
Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

Lace hearts said...

I thought Angel was being specially kind! lol.
I don't know what to suggest, but I'd love to try this, so once you find out and do it, you'll have to post a tutorial!
Thanks for your lovely comment. xxx

Anonymous said...

Dolly D .... take a look on my blog tomorrow (Wednesday)... there's something for you.

S xxx