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Saturday, 20 September 2008

more swap loveliness

Its been a good post week this week....a parcel from Nicole on Monday, and one today from Theresa. She has made me some gorgeous things from felt, a flowery candle holder and strawberry chocs.
I am loving this swapping - its great to receive handmade gifts that you wouldn't make for yourself.
I shall be posting my package to Mary on Monday, just a bit of handsewing to do then all finished!

Ooh, nearly forgot! I've sold one of my friend wanted one for her friends birthday, it feels good to think that somebody likes my handiwork enough to pay real money for...but I found the pricing a bit, well very, awkward....I think if I was selling at a fair I'd find it easier, but I found it difficult to cost in my time as at the minute I'm doing it for sport!! I suppose like everything, it will get easier if I make another sale!!


angel said...

You have some lovely bits in your swap this month Dollop, you lucky lucky girl.
Mwah X x X x X

Country Bliss said...

Lovely swap again and well done selling a brooch.

Lace hearts said...

Have answered you on my comments, but thought I'd pop over and visit as well!
I will do a tutorial, I promise. It's just that it'll take some time, and I seem to have a distinct lack of that at the moment, and there's always so many new things I want to try (hence the cushion, lol).
You had some lovely gifts.
And big congratulations on selling a brooch. The pricing is a nightmare - I hated having to price up my bag when I sold it.

MaryPoppins said...

What a lovely swap and good old nicole and theresa :)
Ohoooo Me getting excited X