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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

there is a light...

....that never goes out.

This is my all time ever bestest favourite Smiths song - the lyrics are genius, listen - here -if you don't believe me!!!!

So I have been coveting this picture

for months over at the Black Apple, etsy shop.
I absolutely love Emilys paintings but I was unsure how they would fit in our home, Mr Dollop is a lot more conventional than I am!!!

So, after looking almost daily for 6 months, I placed the order...and Smiths Girl is now all mine.
I didn't want her to get lonely so jackalope girl has come across the water to live with us too!

Mr Dollop has agreed that they are beautiful and we are now deciding what colour frames they should go in (I'm thinking red or white?) ...any help gratefully received!!


MaryPoppins said...

Thay are lovely, well done you and getting them, when something touches your heart, you have to have it don't you.
As for the colour, Im a white girl, good luck with which colour you decide X

MaryPoppins said...

Go on lets get the jim jams, we both want them, and our DSs shall look so cute, go on go on I shall if you shall, we wont tell the DHs, X

claire said...

Lol Mary think the jarmies will be ordered by the end of the month but sshh!!!

Anonymous said...

Who mentioned pyjamas?  I love PJs, jim jams, jimmies!

I smiled when I saw the jackalope mentioned - reminded me when I saw a statue of one somewhere in Wyoming.

I'm hoping we can keep up the post a day lark! Best wishes x

Country Bliss said...

You've just taken me back a few years to when I saw The Smiths live.
The pictures are lovely, I'm not sure what colour frame both red or white would be good! Not much help am I?

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

They sure are GORGEOUS!
I think a red frame would do them justice!
Let us know wish color you opted for! Please!!!
Debbie Moss

Raspberry Grace said...

Morrissey rocks, fab lyrics, fab song.. Free rice is ace btw!

angel said...

I really love the pic's Honey, what about doing one in a red frame and one in a white frame, well thats another puzzle sorted, lol.

Love and huggles, Mwah. X x X x X