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Thursday, 11 September 2008


I've discovered the most lovely site where you can feed your button
I placed an order at the weekend and it arrived on Tuesday with a pretty thank you card.
The buttons are so sweet - red with polka dots, blue with polka dots and some I am using for an autumn swap project :)

While you are there check out the gorgeous felt embellishments, I love the make your own owl kit - I will definately be going back for these for Christmas pressies for people.

The photography is just gorgeous (note my pathetic snap of my package I received compared to the shop pictures lol!!).

Sarah also has a blog, where the pictures are just as vibrant.

On the subject of buttons, I got some in the charity shop yesterday, they were in a big bowl on the counter and its the first charity shop I have ever seen do this. The lady behind the counter was bemused at my rummaging and asked me 'but dear, what will you do with them!!'....Do? I thought buttons were just for looking at and sorting into colours!!!


funkymonkey said...

Oh I really love butons I'm off to that website right now.

Lace hearts said...

lol! Stripping! What a fab comment!!!
I love your haul - and it looks a brill site, so thanks for posting. I want to get some of their sweet flower buttons. Caroline x

Country Bliss said...

Great buttons and a lovely website, thanks.

MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo what lovely buttons, I love the sound of the blue polka dot ones, someones going to have alovely little treat :) X

second wind said...

Super site, love those dotty buttons.Thanks for link

angel said...

I love them Buttons ........ *dribbleslatherdribble* ........... the website is so *I WANT* and *MUST HAVE* isnt it.

Thanks for the link. Mwah X x X x X

claire said...

They are too nice to use - I think I have a button problem as well as a ribbon problem - I just like to look!!