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Friday, 5 September 2008

Strawberry Blonde

Whilst watching Big Brother last night ...(if you don't watch look away now - I'll be back tomorrow with, hopefully, a more interesting post!!!This post a day is harder than I thought lol!!)....I was forced to endure one of my pet hates...
This man here (Rex for you non watchers)

told everyone his hair was 'strawberry blonde'....and...'so not red'! Another housemate very eloquently(!) put him straight - but purlease is the man deluded!!!???

I have red hair, its ginger, not strawberry blonde, ginger. I didn't like it particularly much at school but as an adult I love it, I know its not the done thing to admit you like your ginger hair but I do - there I'm out:)

Why are people in denial about it - I have met fellow gingers over the years who dye their hair black to cover it (you can still tell petal!!) and also other 'blonde' and 'strawberry blonde' gingers.

It makes me want to scream - as I (frequently) tell my brother strawberry blonde is just a posh name for ginger anyhow!!!

As Kat would say - its hiwarious!!!

Btw - my brother really is strawberry blonde - not ginger - but I enjoy the wind up!!!


Elaine said...

I don't watch BB but...........
The man is ginger !!!!

My mam was ginger, unfortunately non of us inherited it, and I wouldn't have minded at all.
My hair is/was the closet match, brown with red glints rather than plain brown like my sisters.

Be loud and proud about it, that's what I say.

Love and blessings

MaryPoppins said...

I like this He He, now my DS has what i would say strawberry blonde, does the colour of the eybrows make a difference, I have lots of discussions regarding the colour of my sons hair so i need to have DSs hair evaluted by yourself please and could you tell me what colour he has, many thanks he he Mary X

MaryPoppins said...

PS really dont mind if it comes back ginger he he X

Anonymous said...

My sister had red hair - it's a bit faded now!

Her 2 daughters have red hair too and dark brown eyes...

Mine's just plain old brown.

claire said...

Mary - he is strawberry blonde - but it is still his baby hair and he has dark not ginger and he could even go darker (he has stunning dark lashes like my boys!!)
Hope this helps - lol!!!!
None of my boys have red hair...the baby was bald but now has blond fuzz but he does have fair lashes so who knows!!

MaryPoppins said...

So it's official, he is a strawberry blonde, he, he, thanks for that Claire X