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Wednesday, 10 September 2008


If you watched this programme last night you may know what I mean.....or you may which case I'm offending you. I apologise.

I am passionate about breastfeeding, I believe everybody should and can (with the right support) breastfeed. Breastmilk, imo, is as vital, no - more so, as the innoculations most of us take our babies for. But other peoples breast milk......I repeat YAK!!

There is no way I would let one of my babies suck on another womans breast - not ever.
There is no way I could have another womans baby sucking on mine!

This programme has put the promotion of breastfeeding back by a gazillion years! Taking an extreme (again if you feel I'm wrong - sorry I don't feel wrong!!) just promotes breastfeeding as UNnatural and weird which it isn't.

That said, if I had a prem baby and I was in a coma (for example!!) then I would prefer they got some breast milk - expressed and donated though please! And I would be happy to donate my own for neonatal care (I say this quickly and quietly cos I find pumping very ouchy!!)

But bravo Channel 4 and Kate Garroway for drawing our attention to the subject - its nice to learn new things isn't it??!!?? I think with this topic - ignorance is bliss :)


fiftiesgirl said...

I agree with you hun. A little too strange for me, and those two friends who were swapping each others babies on each others boobs!!!!! Weird!!! x

MaryPoppins said...

As you know i have had experience of having a very premature baby who had to be tube fed through the nose for the first few weeks, I remember when I whisked my first expressed 1ml of Bm to the SCBU and being so proud of myself, if i am honest i don't think i could have had him put to the b of another woman, he was too small to be BF anyway but it does make you think doesn't it, one lovely woman I know whos baby was at with my DS produced so much more milk than her baby needed, and donated litres and litres to the milk bank X

Elaine said...

I tried to get a look at the prog but DH was watching something else.I have seen something similar before though, not nice, especially seeing children of an age to know better actually lifting their mum's tops to feed in public (and I'm talking 4 or 5 years old or more YUK)

I could only manage a few weeks, I just gradually dried up, but those times were very precious.

Love and blessings

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I couldn`t agree with you more!
I think that breast feeding helps to create a priceless bonding between mother and baby, as well as giving the best possible start in life to your new bundle of joy.
That`s what I have done to my 3 Treasures.
But, I couldn`t see myself feeding another ones baby or I wouldn`t want my baby to have been fed through someone`s breast or even milk!
Nice topic to discuss, nevertheless!
And its nice to see that we All have different views on things!

Thanks for your comment on my blog!
Speak to you soon!!
Debbie Moss

angel said...

What!!!!!!!!!! eew i couldnt put another baby to my breast, it would seem to me a bit *abusive* iykwim?
I remember when i had my babies, i had so much milk that the midwives asked if i would donate some, of course i did, even when i came home from Hospital they used to come round the house and collect it from the fridge.
I fed my own for a long time though once they decided that that one tooth was harmful i gradually gave up.... i remember my Eldest son used to give a certain look then bite, he giggled each time, though his mummy didnt, i soon learned to recognise that *LOOK*.
Aah, Happy Days.
X x X x X

claire said...

I know that look ange.... my boys have also laughed at same time as sinking teeth in...ds2 was weaned after the 2nd time - ds3 tried once but liked his booby too much to do it again as we had stern words.
I agree with the 'abusive' - its too weird for little old me and my conservative conventional life lol!!!