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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Keeping Warm

With gas prices going up, this winter I am determined not to do my usual trick of leaving the heating on all day but I also don't like being cold...So we are trying to prepare for the autumn and winter cold snap.
I read somewhere that fir cones make good fire lighters (correct me please if I'm wrong..) so before the rain came this morning we went to the park across the road to fill our bucket in readiness for when the fire starts being lit again.

Someone was watching us.....
So now we are nearly ready...This is the woodburner in our dining room that we haven't used for 2 years as we can't get access to sweep the chimney -(installed by bodgit mcdodgit, he had done lots of jobs in this house :0)- hopefully someone is coming out this week to see about cutting a hole in the flue so we can use it.

See our 'posh' logs next to the burner - the other half is very precious about his nice logs!!!

But the fire in the front (best!) room is swept - my ex husband and other half are sorting out a delivery of logs for the end of the week (we are sharing a truck full!).

So we are ready to be warm - next stop making sure we have enough blankets!!


Lace hearts said...

haha - we have a bodgit mcdodgit who's been at work on our house in the past! That'll be lovely once you get it sorted.

Elaine said...

Did you have the work done by our landlord, he has a building firm (not that our house shows any signs grrrr)

Hope you get the burner sorted soon.

Love and blessings

angel said...

My soon to be son in law is a tree surgeon and he get hundreds of logs but we have no use for them, OH decided a few years ago to take all the chimneys and breasts out, oh i wish he hadnt. :-(
I wonder how i could get a woodburner in this house, co's it would save me a fortune? Hmmmmm.

julia said...

Great tin, just the place to keep (hide) your best choccies.
Julia xx