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Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Things it has taken me having 4 babies to realise.

1) You do not make a 'rod for your own back' by bringing your babies into your bed in the night.
(it makes breastfeeding a doddle, your child will not be 13 and still in your bed and best of means you get sleep!!)

2) You do not need to buy a moses basket (see above), or a swinging crib - even though they do look beautiful. You only have to offload them in as new condition a few months later.

3) It really doesn't matter if little johnny at toddler group could do back crawl and read at 6 weeks old and your baby just sits there like a pudding......little johnny is probably not as easy on the eye as your treasure anyway :)!!!

4) Your baby will not be hospitalised if it eats a scrap of breadstick/biscuit/rice cake off the floor - in fact it can only be beneficial to their immune system.

5) Ditto if you don't bath them every night - a flick with a flannel suffices :).

6) Ditto if you only baby wipe the sick off their clothes instead of changing them.

7) Just because your baby ate it...doesn't mean your toddler will. Just because they liked it a fortnight ago...doesn't mean they will eat it today, even if you have been in the kitchen 2 hours making it (see number10!!!).

8) You do not need to buy your baby toys - a box, a door to open and close, a plastic drinks bottle filled with pasta, all of these are preferable to baby instead of the £30 worth of musical plastic you think they will love.

9) It is doubtful that your baby will be in a routine by 6 weeks.

10) If you feed your children weetabix for tea - they think its an adventure - not that they have an idle mother :).


MaryPoppins said...

Hear Hear :) X

Debbie said...

Pmsl yep i agree!!

donna said...

oh so very true!!!! this is what they should be telling us at ante natal classes :)

Country Bliss said...

I'll second that!

claire said...

I thought there might be one or two of you who appreciated these observations :):) Why don't they put these in a book!!!

Anonymous said...

Good post!!!

The Mintons said...

So very true. The sad thing is that it is other mothers who are doing the judging, making it into a competition as to who has the cleanest, cleverest, organically fed bestest baby!! Whatever happened to common sense?

Lavender hearts said...

I'm putting off having kids for as long as possible! I can't stand listening (I switch off) when peeps start talking about how their little Jonty (that's what I call snobbish parents' child) could read and write at the age of 2, couldn't give the a monkeys! When and if the time comes you'll have to give me some tips! :-)

Elaine said...

Well said Claire.

Love and blessings