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Wednesday, 24 September 2008


I bought this tin at the weekend - its dinky, just big enough to put 'nice' choccies in for my treats.
It was in a gift shop - displayed on a huge pine dresser with lots of CK and similar goodies. I feel I have turned into my mother (not the worst thing in the world I hasten to add!!) - I spent an age at this dresser oohing and ahing...they had a carrier bag holder in a pretty fabric for £7....egg cosys padded with an appliqued heart on for £4 (although the only egg cups left in this house have tweenies and bob the builder on - the shame!!) and door stops for £15......Not paying that thinks I - can make myself!!!

As a teenager if my mum said this whilst out and about (and my mum is a hundred times the seamstress that I will ever be..) I used to tut, roll my eyes and say get a life!!!

Now its my boys turn..ah the circle of life - hakuna matata and all that!!


thriftymrs said...

Cute tin, very pretty.

Lace hearts said...

Very true, Claire - the circle of life! I like the tin.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Claire, I will tell Mr Kitten you are going to have a word!! Hee Hee. It should be mural but I seem to remember Hilda Ogden calling it her 'muriel'. One time Mr K's mother was telling me a story and she said it was utter kiosk instead of chaos... I nearly fell off my chair! I'll probably say things like that in a few years time. The tin is so pretty, perfect for a few violet creams, Mandy X

second wind said...

Funny, isn't it, how our views change so radically! I think I am more like my mum than my mum these days!I do hope my DD will follow in my footsteps
e v e n t u a l l y. No sign of it yet lol
Love the tin.

MaryPoppins said...

What do they say,
" We all turn into our Mothers " :) DH screaming in background He He X

What Kelly Did next...... said...

thats so funny, my mam used to say that all the time, now when i see something i lke i always think 'can i make one?' (or can my sister make one for me!)