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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Autumn Fruit Crumble

The power of marketing!

Yesterdays walk didn't bring the yield of berries I hoped for, so when we got home we had to improvise for the crumble (or pie if you are 3!).
I stewed the berries with 2 manky apples that were hiding in the bottom of the fruit bowl and some plums and a cinnamon stick. Then I found a tin of blackcurrants in the cupboard (why did I buy them?? What was I going to use them for??), they were dated June 08 but I thought I'd live dangerously and whack them in anyway!

My glamorous assistant made the crumble mix.

Et voila...

Autumn Crumble for daddy.


The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Claire, Thanks so much for your lovely comment and show of support. Im still going to blog but just allow the dust to settle so my 'stalker' gets bored with me... that should be fairly easy LOL! Take Care Mandy X

Anonymous said...

Crumble looks yummy.

Well done with your September posts so far .... I was slacking a bit yesterday .. but good for you keeping up the momentum!