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Monday, 15 September 2008

Vintage Book

I bought a job lot of crafting books a while ago - the majority will be moved on via the car boot sale methinks but some were worth keeping and one vintage book has really got me tickled..its called Gifts you can make yourself - illustrated, no publication date, but was published by odhams press limited.

Judging by the pics inside I'd say 1940's and the book is on amazon in 2 editions one being 1946.

One gift in particular has caught my eye - the carry seat - now I reckon if we all used one of these on our little treasures - social services would come a knocking!!!

I'm disappointed that the book came with a pattern sheet originally but its missing out of my copy - otherwise I could have made (well added to the list anyhow!!) this....


Lace hearts said...

That book looks so wonderful. I love these vintage patterns - go on, make a carry seat!

angel said...

What a great Book Honey, wow, you are so lucky lucky, shame about the pattern. :-(

Love and hugs mwah X x X x X x X x X
Ps i think if you made them carry thingys you would make a fortune.