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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sunday Sewing

I'm a bit fragile today and haven't felt like doing much.. but I escaped to my room this afternoon and made some bags to hang on the new peg rail in the kitchen.
Can you spot the (not so) deliberate mistake?
Oops - obviously hangovers and sewing aren't the best combination!!! Its still hung up at the moment but I think it may have to be re-done as I know its wrong and it annoys me :(


MelMel said...

Lovely bags! hows the hangover?

Lace hearts said...

Do you know, when I (frequently!) do something like this it irritates the heck out of me. But looking at yours, I think they all look so fab hanging there, so I'd say leave it alone!
Hangover gone now?! lol. xx

thriftymrs said...

I think it looks good!
Hope the hangover doesn't hurt too much.

Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff Dolly D.

In the name of waste minimisation, why not just turn the seam to the door (out of sight out of mind).

Love the fabric.