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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Something in the woodshed

Well there would be, if we had one! I gave the OH 2 days notice to build one but he failed his challenge lol!!This is our 4th winter in this house, the first we were a bit nervous of the real fire so it was an event to have it lit!! The last 2 years we have used offcuts from building work in the house and the offcuts my step dad gets from his wood turning club - this year determined to keep the gas costs down we will be using real fires more - hopefully the woodburner will be sorted if the man ever returns our call....But we have nice stacked 'posh logs' ready for the year I will have a woodshed...this year we will make do with a tarpaulin covering them!! Can I just add I stacked these logs all by myself, with just a 3yr olds assistance!!Please excuse the lack of paragraphs - blogger hates me today:)

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Lavender hearts said...

Good for you! Our log man was saying to stock up because the price of wood is likely to increase due to gas being so high. We have oil-fired central heating so we have taken lots of measures to save the oil. Carpets throughout, thick underlay, very thick curtains etc.

We used old pallets to make ours - I adevrtised on freecycle and our local dairy farm contacted us. We don't have a proper roof for it but we store the logs behind the garage where it's quite sheltered. We're also going to make a coal bunker because proper coal is so efficient and burns for hours in an open fire.