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Thursday, 4 September 2008


I've been lucky enough to receive 2 swap parcels in the last few weeks, organised by the SC forum.
First helen sent me an eco bag and handmade cutlery roll, and green jelly cases....which I didn't even know I wanted til I got them (i keep taking them out of the cupboard to look at!) and they will be used at the next birthday party chez dollop :)
Then yesterday Rasp sent me a parcel of lovliness which included a table runner and a flower heart which is so pretty..
And fabulous crochet and knitted bunting....I can't crochet and my knitting is shameful, so without this swap I would never have owned any!!!

I love swapping:)


julia said...

Thanks for popping by, I've just had a browse through and loved the post about all your boys. I have an older son and a small daughter and when I only had my boy I got so sick of women with girls telling me they "wouldn't know what to do with a boy" - like they were alien beings, all I can say is thet won't know what's hit them when the hormones kick in!! Treasure your boys, they sound fabulous!
Julia xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog ... the post a day thing is certainly a lot harder than I imagined - I shall be putting all sorts of rubbish on there now!

But, as you say, great encouragement to have someone to do it with.

Thanks for being my blog buddy on this!

Lace Threads said...

What beautiful things - Pipkin is so talented. I love the bunting, because it's so unusual.
Well done with the post a day challenge! x

angel said...

Oooh lovely stuff, these girls are fantastic aint they......... i love them all.

You are so funny i love reading about your antic's.
Love and hugs honey. Mwah X x X x X