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Monday, 1 September 2008


I've been rubbish at blogging( and baking ,crafting, sewing etc etc) all through August. I have made excuses for myself daily with the immortal words 'things'll get easier come September when the boys are back at school'.

Well September is here (1 starts nursery today and just 2 more sleeps til me and the babe get some peace when the other 2 go too lol!!) and I am setting myself a challenge to post everyday in September......wish me luck!! Care to join me??

I'm going to start with postcrossing - I saw a link to it on Donna at a more green and simple life's blog, had a nose and thought it could be fun.Basically you sign up and send postcards to the addresses sent to you - which could be anywhere in the world.

Thinking more about it, I decided it has to be a positive thing for the boys to share with me, it could open their eyes to other cultures. Also nice post dropping on your mat is...well, nice!!
There are quite stringent rules around how many cards you can send at a time (5 in transit), but its simply explained on the site.

I requested 2 addresses at the weekend and will be posting my cards today to Finland and the States - the boys are looking forward to receiving our 1st card.

I'll keep you posted ........................................ (sorry!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your runner bean advice.

Might try the blog post a day challenge....

Joanne Brown said...

I've been on the website and wondered - do you keep a tally of your totals yourself because there is nowhere to log in? Otherwise it just starts from zero again when you next visit the site.

claire said...

Hi Jo x
I was keeping a tally myself but now have discovered if you click on options on you get the choice of them keeping a running total - I wondered because of the difficulty level being kept...obviously if you clear your cookies its gone :)

Lace Threads said...

Me???? Manage a post a day!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
hahahahahahahahahaha!!! I'll be interested to see how it goes. Good luck!
The postcard thing sounds a really good thing. Enjoy!